Wedding Photographer: Positano, Ravello & Amalfi: Yuji & Shino

Amy was the wedding photographer in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy for Yuji & Shino’s wedding.

I have photographed quite a few weddings in the past with 15 or so guests but just recently I have taken quite a few bookings for even smaller weddings – in some cases it will just be the Bride & Groom and sometimes just 2 or 3 guests. This was the first of my very small weddings. Bride, Groom, 4 guests and me for an 8-hour photo shoot around the stunning Amalfi coast.

Yuji, Shino and their 4 guests had travelled from Japan to marry in Positano. As Japanese tradition allows, they got ready together, travelled to church together and entered together. Santa Maria Assunta Church, the main church in Positano played host to their beautiful ceremony proving that you can go big on venue even with just a few guests. The ceremony felt incredibly personal and the setting was spectacular.

Off to Palazzo Murat next: a stunning hotel in central Positano. Aperativi were served in the lush courtyard and cake was cut and eaten with the left-overs being served to the other guests dining in the hotel’s courtyard (and to me too of course – like a bit of cake!)

We travelled the hour or so to Ravello, stopping off at Positano’s principle resort St. Pietro for photographs and, once in Ravello, walked the 10 minutes or so from the centre of town to one of my favourite spots on the planet, Villa Cimbrone. Afterwards, it was back to Positano but via Amalfi where the atmosphere was electric, a brass band was playing and the locals and tourists treated Yuji, Shino and their guests like celebrities.

A wonderful day and some wonderful memories to remember it by. A special mention to Rieko and her wonderful team of wedding planners who did an incredible job and translated for me! Thank you for being brilliant.



Yuji. on the balcony of their hotel, Hotel Marincanto, Positano.


I love this image of Shino, just ready.


Leaving church. Santa Maria Assunta Church in Positano.




Cutting the cake in the beautiful Palazzo Murat, Positano.

Bride & Groom

Yuji & Shino didn’t stop laughing all day long. Shino impressed me so much, she walked for miles in 30 degree heat in her heavy wedding dress and 5 inch heels – much tougher than us Brits I tell you!

Bride & Groom

Taken at St Pietro Hotel, Positano’s best. The colours around Italy’s Amalfi Coast are just gorgeous.

Bride & Groom

If you ever get the chance, you must go:

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

One of my favourites from the whole day.


No-one spoke English and I don’t know a word of Japanese. I worked using actions all day long and had a great translator. I tried to convey ‘look away from camera’ and got this – I love it!

Bridal Party

Villa Cimbrone’s wonderful terrace. Quite a drop below!

Bride & Groom

Same place, different angle.

Bride & Groom

The entire wedding party again!

Bridal Party

In Amalfi now – I told you they didn’t stop smiling – they must have been shattered by this point in the day but they didn’t show it!

Bride & Groom

Back at Hotel Marincanto in Positano – a lovely finishing shot.

Bride & Groom
I loved every single minute of the day. I didn’t want it to end! I could have carried on photographing Yuji, Shino and their 4 guests all evening. I would like to think that our paths will cross again someday. Thank you so much x

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