Wedding Photographer: Palazzo Marziale, Sorrento: Rob & Roz

Amy was the photographer in the Cloisters, Sorrento and at Palazzo Marziale, Sorrento, Italy for Rob & Roz’s wedding.

Back to Sorrento for the wedding of Rob & Roz and the beautiful venue Palazzo Marziale: it’s in a great spot too being so close to the ceremony venue, the Cloisters of San Francesco. Roz started her day with all of the wedding guests on the terrace of Hotel Minerva sipping prosecco with orange juice. The view was wonderful from the terrace, looking out over a hazy Sorrento and the Bay of Naples.

After the ceremony, we had time for photographs around the old streets of Sorrento before surprising the guests to the elegance of Palazzo Marziale and a wonderful evening. Here we go:

Pre-wedding drinks for the Bride and guests on the terrace of Palazzo Minerva.

Hotel Minerva, Sorrento

Preparations begin with the hair.

Bride Preparing

Rob got ready in the neighbouring hotel, Hotel bristol.

Groom Detail

Gorgeous Roz.


The car was a surprise for Dad.

Bride & Father

Ceremony in the Cloisters.


Love this shot with the Grandparents.

Bride, Groom & Grandparents

Taken in the crazy Piazza Tasso, central Sorrento.

Bride & Groom

Wandering through the old streets.

Bride & Groom

Love the arch-ways.

Bride & Groom

Sorrento detail.


We found a tourist-free street!

Bride & Groom

Love this church door.


Using the back-drop of another church doorway!

Bride & Groom

Welcome the new Mr & Mrs!

Bride & Groom arrive

Don’t mind if I do.


What a setting for the wedding cake.

Wedding Cake

Impromptu speech from Roz’s Dad.


Pepper Sir?

Wedding Meal

Love this one.

Bride & Groom

Another great day in Sorrento. Thanks you so much. Amy x

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