Wedding Photographer: Cadenabbia, Bellagio & Vassena, Lake Como: Dick & Shia

Amy was the wedding photographer in Cadenabbia, Bellagio & Vassena, Lake Como, Italy for Dick & Shia’s wedding.

I always get excited about going to Lake Como. I know it so well having photographed many weddings all around the Lake and was super-excited to be going twice over the next two weekends. The first trip was for the wedding of Dick & Shia and in order to fit it in I had to fly from Naples to Milan having only just photographed the Sorrento wedding.

Dick & Shia are the most fabulous Dutch couple who had planned a wonderful day around the Lake. After getting ready in Bellagio, they hopped across the Lake on boats for the ceremony in the Anglican Church of Cadenabbia: a church with an impressive golden altar that I know so well. Dutch tradition means that the cake cutting comes immediately after the ceremony, then we jumped on the ferry and I had some time with Dick & Shia in Bellagio. After photographs, 10 minutes drive to the little village of Vassena and to the reception which took place in a family member’s private home – and what a home! Incredible views of the Lake and a perfectly placed terrace and swimming pool. Sheer luxury!

Take a look:

Lake Como taken from Bellagio.

Lake Como

Gorgeous Shia.


Shia’s proud Mum.

Bride's Mother

Dick and the guests jumping on the boat that took them to Cadenabbia on the other side of the Lake where the ceremony took place.

Lake Como Boatride

A relaxed vicar who performed a wonderful heart-felt ceremony – he was even warm to the photographer!


Look at that fabulous alter!



Toasting the Bride & Groom

Taken from the boat heading back to Bellagio, one of my all-time favourite towns.

Bellagio, Lake Como


Bride & Groom, Lake Como

Bellagio is so colourful.

Bride & Groom, Bellagio

You’ve been bubbled!

Bride & Groom & Bubbles!

Not a bad backdrop for the group shots ;-)

Group Shot

The first speech. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand a word of them!


People had put together some lovely memories for Dick & Shia.

Bride & Groom

Shia’s crazy about Christmas and so every guest gave her a homemade decoration! Dick got cigars instead.


Huge smiles all day long.


Just chilling out.



Bride & Groom, Lake Como

Shia and her brother reminisce.

Bride & Brother

Too stunning for words.

Table Decorations

The children were taken out for a ride in the family speed boat.

Lake Como

Last shot of the day.

Bride & Groom

Loved it loved it loved it. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and for the fabulous experience. I’ll be in touch very soon with your complete gallery details. Amy x

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