Vintage Wedding Photography

So-called ‘Vintage Wedding Photography’ has taken off over the last couple of years. I’ve been asked a fair number of questions about this trend by Brides over the last few months, and so I figured it would be a good idea write some things down. Rather than a blog post, I have added it as a featured article above.

I was keen to make the point that the ‘vintage look’ of the photographs is normally added in post-processing (unless the photographer is using vintage equipment etc.) Therefore, if you are planning a vintage wedding, you don’t have to limit your photographer choice to only those who advertise themselves as vintage photographers. Go for the photographer whose images you love and discuss the final look that you would like your photos to take on with your photographer in the lead up to the wedding.

I’d be keen to hear your thoughts.

Amy x

Vintage Wedding Photography

2 thoughts on “Vintage Wedding Photography”

  1. Hi Amy,

    Was doing some research and happened by your article.

    Interesting idea to ask your photographer to create a vintage look!

    You asked for thoughts, so… I’m a professional wedding photographer and I’m not sure your idea would work. Photographers shoot in the style they shoot in because that’s where their skill set is, and what their artistic sensibilities are. It’s already challenging for us when brides show us a photo and say, “I want a photo like this,” because the reality is, no photo can ever be replicated. Each image is unique to the photographer taking the photo, the location, the people in the photo, etc. To add to that, “I want you to shoot in this style” is probably asking for trouble.

    The only photographer who’s likely to agree to alter their style at your request is someone who doesn’t yet have enough skill or experience to realize that’s just not possible to do, and will say yes out of inexperience or a desire to please and get the job, rather than an honest assessment of what’s realistic!

    I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Faith, thanks for your comment.

    What I’ve said, perhaps not clearly enough, is that I don’t believe that vintage photography is a style of photography. Certainly not what the majority of people calling themselves ‘vintage’ photographers are doing. I believe what most are doing is shooting normally and processing in a vintage style. Afterall, if we’re talking vintage, are people shooting weddings with a single roll or two of film on some vintage equipment? That’s true to how wedding photography was if we go back a few decades. I fail to see how shooting thousands of images on a Canon 1DmkIV can possibly be ‘vintage.’ Additionally, photo-journalistic/reportage certainly wouldn’t have played any part in the day – how many are truly shooting vintage? :)

    My point, which is think is particularly important, is that brides shouldn’t be conned into thinking that in order to match up their wedding theme, they should somehow compromise on the ability of the photographer. It’s so important, and I reckon most true pros would agree, that the quality of the starting images is by far the most important factor. After that, they can be styled to shoot. Of course, some are more gifted than others in the processing department – but even that could be outsourced if they felt particularly strongly about how it was achieved. Great photography has to be the no1 priority and not being conned into 2nd rate imagery by a passing trend and some great marketing.

    Finally, I recently spoke to a guest at a wedding who had had a ‘vintage’ wedding theme. She was pretty happy with her photographs but her parents were really disappointed. Her Mum’s carefully chosen teal-coloured dress was yellow-ish on all of the photographs. The photographer wouldn’t supply the images in any other way because ‘it’s my style that you bought and it wouldn’t be good for my business to show images processed differently.’ Just something to consider. – Amy x

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