Wedding Photographer: Villa Eva, Ravello, Amalfi Coast: John & Fiona

Amy was the wedding photographer at Villa Eva, Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy for John & Fiona’s wedding.

From Orvieto, I travelled down to Ravello for the wedding of John & Fiona. The beautiful weather turned to thunder storms but in fact made it pretty magical. The noise of the rain during the ceremony was phenomenal but as soon as the doors were opened and John & Fiona made their exit the sun came out – don’t you just love those moments!

Fiona got ready at the beautiful Villa Fraulo and the ceremony was at Santa Maria Gradillo: a church with a very unique interior. Due to the rain, drinks in the square were moved to a local bar that actually made it a more private affair and preferable to John & Fiona. We found time to enter into the wonderful Villa Rufolo for photographs. If you’re visiting Ravello, Villa Rufolo is definitely worth the entrance fee.

After that we met up with the guests again and made our way to Villa Eva, another stunning Villa with wonderful views overlooking Maiori and the rest of the Amalfi Coast. Such a chilled-out couple and a very memorable day. Here we go:

Typical Amalfi Coast colours.

Villa Fraulo, Ravello

Elegant whites.

Bouquet & Dress

My first photograph of Fiona.

Bride getting ready


Bride & Parents

I think is one of all-time favourites. Absolutely love it!

Bride in Villa Fraulo

John at the church door.


Fiona makes her way down to church in the pouring rain.

Bride with Father & Bridesmaids, Ravello

Santa Maria Gradillo – fabulous interior.

Santa Maria Gradillo

Lovely moment.

Santa Maria Gradillo

Is that the sun?! Nobody would have bet on that just 10 minutes before!

Bride & Groom, Ravello

Guests enjoying champers.


Post-ceremony drinks now under-cover.


Love this one.

Group Shot

Villa Rufolo.

Villa Rufolo, Ravello

Still in Villa Rufolo – the immaculate gardens, beautiful stone Villa and views are to die for.

Villa Rufolo, Ravello

Iconic Ravello.

Villa Rufolo, Ravello

I was asked to photograph John & Fiona’s beautifully-designed wedding invitation.


Making our way to Villa Eva.

Bride & Groom, Ravello

Entering Villa Eva, this really is a great venue.

Villa Eva, Ravello

The musicians came down from Cannes to play for them, well worth the trip – they were brill!


Isn’t this stunning?

Amalfi Coast View

Well, Brides & Grooms don’t come much more relaxed than you two! You didn’t even care that it was raining! So long as you didn’t get wet in your Cabriolet around Tuscany! Hope you had a great time. I’ll be in touch very soon with the access details for the rest of your gallery. Thanks for everything, Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Ravello, Amalfi Coast: John & Alison

Amy was the wedding photographer at Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy for John & Alison’s wedding.

The weekend of the 23rd / 24th September was a two-wedding-weekend for me. The first wedding was in beautiful Ravello, a place that I now feel I know like the back of my hand. This was a wedding that I was really looking forward to. It would be rude to mention ages but let’s just say that the gorgeous bride, Alison had waited rather a long time for this day to come.

Villa Fraulo, a wonderfully luxurious and exclusive resort, played host to the couple and their guests on this special day. The wedding itself took place at the Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte which has the most impressive view along to the Bay of Salerno and we found time to wonder around the very pretty little town of Ravello and visit Villa Rufolo. Take a look:

Ravello’s colourful streets. This path leads from Villa Fraulo to the Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte.


John got ready in Hotel Bonadies also in the centre of Ravello. The view from the balcony wasn’t too bad!


Meanwhile Alison and her bridesmaid Diane got ready at Villa Fraulo.

Flower Detail

Long-time friends.

Bride & Bridesmaid

Beautiful bride.


Isn’t this fab? Makes me want to swim in the sea!


‘You may now kiss the Bride!’


You’re married Alison!! Yeah!!!




Gorgeous light wrapping itself around a gorgeous couple.

Bride & Groom

Walking down Ravello’s alleyway that leads to the main square.

Bride, Groom & Guests

Grandma & Grandad with little Lily.

Bride, Groom & Flower Girl

I love this shot of the whole wedding party.

Bride, Groom & Guests

Villa Rufolo’s stunning gardens.

Bride & Groom

The iconic image of Ravello.

Bride & Groom

Also taken in Villa Rufolo. One of my favourites from the day.

Bride & Groom

Isn’t this beautiful too? John & Alison were brilliant models and despite not looking forward to it, John kept telling me how much he was enjoying being photographed :-)

Bride & Groom

From Villa Rufolo, we spent 15 minutes or so in Ravello’s main square. Andy an I are on the hunt for big pots for our garden!

Bride & Groom in Ravello

Back up the beautiful little street towards Villa Fraulo for their evening reception. What a day!

Bride & Groom

Such a great experience. I just loved every minute of it. John, Alison and their wonderful family and friends – thanks for having me. -Amy x