Wedding Photographer: Florence, Tuscany, Italy – Sala Rossa, Palazzo Vecchio & Grand Hotel Baglioni: Adrian & Yin

Amy was the wedding photographer in Florence, Tuscany, Italy at the Sala Rossa for Adrian & Yin’s wedding.

Florence on Friday the 26th of November was wet, gray and miserable. Sunday the 28th of November was wetter, grayer and more miserable. Saturday the 27th of November however – Adrian & Yin’s wedding day in Florence – was beautiful and blue and dry and crisp and clear and generally just gorgeous :-) Lucky isn’t the word. The Grand Hotel Baglioni in central Florence was where the reception took place. It has the most magnificent views of Florence from its roof terrace and the couple and their guests could stand out and admire the view for the hour before they performed their traditional Chinese tea ceremony and then sat down for the wedding breakfast.

I need to talk more about The Sala Rossa (Red Room). It’s in the Palazzo Vecchio – the building that has the replica statue of David at the entrance and is the ‘Town Hall’ room where civil weddings take place in Florence. The walk-through and staircase that lead to the Sala Rossa are pretty unassuming which makes the WOW when you enter the room even more of a WOW! At Ade and Yin’s wedding I stood at the entrance as the guests entered the room and captured their reactions.

Told you the weather was good! The Ponte Vecchio is one of Florence’s principle landmarks:

Wedding in Florence

Look at this amazing room! This is where Yin got ready. Isn’t is gorgeous?

Wedding in Florence

Just ready.

Wedding in Florence

Ade came to Yin’s hotel to collect her and they travelled together to the Sala Rossa.

Wedding in Florence

I love watching Bride & Groom’s sign the register. I remember it well myself. You just can’t seem to sign your name. You can’t remember your signature and if you can, it just comes out wrong and you squiggle something random!

Wedding in Florence

The stunning Sala Rossa:

Wedding in Florence

Love this. That’s the famous Carousel in the background in Piazza degli Strozzi:

Wedding in Florence

Walking to the Grand Hotel Baglioni with their very helpful bridesmaid:

Wedding in Florence

Having a laugh on the roof terrace at the Grand Hotel Baglioni. I’ve got some other images showing the brilliant views of Florence from up there:

Wedding in Florence

During the speeches:

Wedding in Florence

And again. The Best Man is speaking here:

Wedding in Florence

Great day. Great couple. Fab family and friends. A big hello, thank you and well done must go to Jacqueline Bradshaw, based in Siena and who runs Marry Me In Tuscany. Jackie was Ade & Yin’s wedding planner. You’re brilliant to work with Jackie – thanks for your help :-) Check out Jackie’s new website wedding planner in Siena/Tuscany.

Wedding photographer: Siena Town Hall & Fattoria di Corsignano, Tuscany, Italy: Justin & Susan

Andy & Amy were the Wedding photographers at Siena Town Hall & Fattoria di Corsignano, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Justin & Susan.
Siena Town Hall – in the middle of our favourite town in Tuscany, was the setting for Justin & Susan’s wedding on Thursday. Although both Australian, they live in London and Justin had made the journey out to Tuscany in their car via the Oktoberfest in Munich. Susan arrived more conventionally by airline and their party week at Fattoria di Corsignano was well and truly underway by the day of the wedding!

In Australia, it’s quite common for the bridal party to disappear with the photographer(s) for a while and their day was no exception: they’d planned a walk through Siena to a well-known coffee bar and we also stopped for some shots in the Tuscany countryside on the drive back to Fattoria di Corsignano, where they re-joined their families & friends.

Justin’s brother & sister had their weddings photographed by an amazing & extremely well-known Australian photographer – someone we know – fortunately, we didn’t know this until later on that evening. No pressure then! :)

Here’s an idea of what we’ve taken:

The happy Groom.

…and with Mum & Dad at the Fattoria di Corsignano.

We think it’s impossible to take a bad photograph of Susan.

The guys just outside one of the entrances to Siena.

Susan just around the corner from the Comune (Town Hall).

The grand entrance into the wedding room of Siena Town Hall. It’s difficult to see on this web-sized version but I love her expression. Also note the guest who is photographing Justin’s reaction – so few people ever think to watch the groom’s face at this point and it’s always one of the highlights. Also, Amy & I are ever-conscious to stay out of each others’ photographs but I’ve not quite managed here it (back right.)

Doesn’t Susan have the best laugh ever?!

Fast forward to a hilarious moment in Nannini’s coffee bar, Siena.

Across Siena’s famous ‘Campo’ on our way back to the car.

There was a beautiful sunset although it lasted a matter of minutes. We quickly set-up an off-camera flash and captured this – just as you see it now – seconds before the colour had gone completely.

We got home at 2am having seen 3 wild boar, a porcupine, a deer & an owl within 10 minutes of leaving the wedding! What a wonderful day & an absolute pleasure to photograph. Safe drive home folks – speak to you soon! – Andy