on the road…home…on the road…

In the time since our last post, we’ve driven from Italy to northern England, photographed Phil & Jen’s wedding and driven back! 2600 miles, 5 different beds in 7 nights, a car service, a portrait session & a lot of coffee!! We’re home for just two days before travelling for another wedding in Italy followed by a quick flight back to the UK for a wedding on Saturday & then home again Monday? Are you following this?!

We’re rapidly catching up on our backlog of weddings to process. Unlike many photographers, we actually work every single file that goes into our clients album and this inevitably adds greatly to our time – but we strongly believe that it’s absolutely worth every minute spent on them. During our busiest periods of the year, this can slow down our delivery process – especially if we lose days whilst travelling but we do as much as we can whilst we’re sat in Airports etc. to stay in touch with everyone and keep them up to date with where we’re up to.

Meanwhile, next year’s bookings have gone through the roof. We’re already 50% booked on our target and with several enquiries open, we’re likely to be fully booked by the end of this year. If you’re thinking of reserving your date with us, please don’t be disappointed by waiting too long :(

Ciao for now! – Andy

Preparing for the season.

We’re going to be busier than ever this year – lots of wonderful weddings & a fair bit of travelling involved for many of them.  In between, we’ll be working hard on our house renovation project – hopefully the main structural work will be completed.  Nothing happens particularly quickly in Italy which can be frustrating but then it also forces you to rethink your decisions sometimes, and the fact that we’ve changed our plans a few times illustrates how wrongly we’d have gone about renovating the house if we’d had access to quick planning permission & builders immediately available.

We continue to run our business through the UK – we spend enough time there to do so, and such things as Labs, couriers & other suppliers are simply far more reliable then is typical in Italy.  To give you a quick example:  a cheap desktop printer purchased from an Italian webshop at the end of December arrived 10 days late and then didn’t work!  We went through the correct procedure with Epson before contacting the shop and requesting a replacement/swap.  It was dispatched within a couple of days but 2 weeks later it is still with the courier who apparently can’t be bothered to come out to our house until they have something else to deliver in the area!!  It’s not as though we’re remote; although we’re in the countryside, we live within 20 minutes walk of the town centre.  Ahh the joys :)

For anyone marrying in Italy this year, please be aware of the political turmoil currently affecting the country.  They change governments more regularly than I cook dinner (more often than you’d think actually!!) and the country continues to be hit by travel strikes a couple of times a month.  Always allow that extra day for your flights when possible – i.e. if it gets cancelled, you can get on one the following day without missing the wedding! – Andy