A Very Special Moment

Weddings days are brimming with wonderful moments that must be captured. When the Father of the Bride walks into the room and sees his daughter dressed as a bride for the first time, I often wish that time would just stand still. Let Dad revel in the moment for just a little longer. Before you know it, time has moved on and the bride is rushing around making the final touches to her hair and finding someone to carry her lip gloss for her! Lucky there’s a good photographer there hey!

Of all the magical and memorable moments that I have captured over the last 6 years, the one of Richard surprising Rachel is something that I’ll never forget.

Richard didn’t play the guitar and he certainly didn’t sing. In the months leading up to their wedding day at Tenuta di Lupinari in Tuscany, Richard had secret guitar lessons. He arranged with Jazz musicians Marco Marconi Trio that he would use their sound system and totally surprise Rachel and the guests by leaving his seat, picking up the guitar and singing to her. The song of course, had to be, their special song. Have you got goose bumps yet? Read on, you will have soon.

I mean, really, blokes just don’t do this kind of thing do they?! First of all Rachel nearly keeled over in shock – what, you, you’re going to what – but you don’t know how to play the guitar! You’re really going to sing our song, for me, in front of everyone!

Uh-oh, he really is!

Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, can’t believe he’s going to do this!

Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Richard had to really concentrate.

Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Then Rach just freaked out. Well, you would wouldn’t you?!

Wedding Photographer Tuscany

It all got too much for pretty much everyone witnessing this special, special moment but, especially for Rach.

Wedding Photographer Tuscany


Wedding Photographer Tuscany

That went kind’a well!

Wedding Photographer Tuscany

I’ll never, ever forget that.

Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Something Changed by Pulp:

When we woke up that morning we had no way of knowing, that in a matter of hours we’d change the way we were going. Where would I be now if we’d never met? Would I be singing this song to someone else instead? I dunno but like you said something changed.

Wedding photographer: Tenuta di Lupinari, Tuscany, Italy: Richard & Rachel

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Tenuta di Lupinari, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Richard & Rachel.

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We’re back home again after another two Italy weddings. Firstly, on Thursday we were in Tuscany to photograph Richard & Rachel’s beautiful weddding at Lupinari. It’s a stunning castle complete with separate apartments which housed most of the wedding guests for the week. The ceremony was on the lawn in front of the castle overlooking the Tuscan countryside and after drinks & ‘nibbles’ (mainly incredible cheeses) on the terrace, the guests moved up to a different location where a marquee had been set up for the evening meal.

Another highlight was our great friend Marco Marconi who played some mesmerizing piano pieces during the meal (including his own composition – The Day Before.) Then together with his wife Sally Ann & his jazz band, they entertained until late.

Without further ado, here are some images:

Rich takes a pretty good photograph eh?!!

The lovely Rachel. Rachel gave Amy enough time to create some beautiful images with her & her Bridesmaids. It’s always a favourite time of ours and this is just one of many lovely images they’ll have for their album.

A surprise present for the ladies, shortly before walking down the aisle.

The beautiful location for the ceremony complete with the castle in the background. We shoot a lot into sun – looking for the wonderful lens flare effects as seen here.

In case you’re wondering, this was taken through the back of a chair! A lovely moment.

Golden sunlight & Cypress trees combine to bring Italy into this image of the bridal party.

We walked a short distance to some old buildings for a few ‘different’ images. Here’s the happy couple walking the white road between the vineyards on the way.

Cool shoes!

Richard learned to play the guitar (secretly) so he could play & sing a song for Rachel just before dinner was served. This is pure concentration :) He also played a couple of tracks with friends – again secretly rehearsed and a complete surprise.

Rachel’s reaction – laughing, crying, love, amazement – all in one image!

And I have to include a shot of Marco at the piano. When you have a minute, go to our ‘complete wedding’ and select ‘run slideshow.’ Even if you don’t look at the images, listen to him playing his heart out in a ‘one take’ recording of his own composition – The Day Before. Now imagine him playing it live at your wedding :)

That’s it for now. Check back in a couple of days for some images from Simon & Victoria’s wedding at Stresa, Lake Maggiore.