Wedding photographer: Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina & Castello di Torcrescenza, Rome, Italy: Eoin & Anna

Amy was the Wedding Photographer at the Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina & Castello di Torcrescenza, Rome, Italy for the wedding of Eoin & Anna.

Rome was a bit wet and soggy for the wedding of Eoin & Anna on Saturday the 15th May. Luckily, the rain played a very small part as the day still ran like clockwork and the fairytale Castello di Torcrescenza looked simply stunning. Anna got ready at the Grand Hotel Plaza, one of my favourite hotels to work in as it has the most breath-taking lobby. The interior of the church was beautiful and we found time after the ceremony to stop at the Vatican before we headed to the castle.

Take a sneaky peek:

Anna had her hair and make-up done by two brilliant guys. She looked absolutely gorgeous even before she was ready:


I love this image of the bridesmaid steeling a quick spray of the bride’s perfume:


Eoin – chilled out and excited:


All ready with time to spare:

Bride & Bridesmaids

Last minute touch-ups:

Bride & Bridesmaid

The Grand Hotel Plaza has a great staircase as well as the amazing lobby:

Bride & Bridesmaids

Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina, central Rome:


Just married:

Bride & Groom

The guests congregated outside the church, under-cover, after the ceremony:


Quick stop to a very wet St Peter’s Square:

Bride & Groom

What a beautiful room! Castello di Torcrescenza was truly magical. Wedding planner, Brenda Babcock from Italia Celebrations said that she’d had to do very little to the room to make it look so stunning. Still, Brenda did a brilliant job for Eoin & Anna and got a well-earned thank you in the Groom’s speech:

Reception Room

The same room in ‘full-flow:’

Wedding Breakfast

Great day, loved every minute of it and I’m VERY excited by the images! – Amy.

Wedding photographer: Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite & Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, Rome, Italy: Pete & Pauline

Amy was the Wedding Photographer at Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite & Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, Rome, Italy for the wedding of Pete & Pauline.

Pete & Pauline were married in central Rome on Thursday the 15th April. The weather was perfect, warm but not too warm, and Rome was its usual frantic, chaotic, busy and totally stunning self. Pauline and her five bridesmaids got ready in a gorgeous apartment close to St Peter’s in The Vatican. They were ready in good time which allowed half an hour of photographs in the square, Piazza San Pietro. The stunning Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite in a piazza between the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain played host to the wedding ceremony and its courtyard was a good place for the group shots. Whilst the guests were taken to the Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, the bride and groom and a very helpful bridesmaid, Helen, came with me to the Spanish Steps for photographs. Total chaos made for a fabulous background and the couple took on celebrity status for half an hour!

The Colosseum made for a perfect background for a group shot of all of the guests before we all headed back to the Hotel Palazzo Manfredi where the terrace was laid out beautifully for the evening reception and a wonderful meal. The view from the terrace was truly breath-taking, I’m sure you’ll agree …

Pete & Pauline have been together for over 10 years and this was the first time that he had ever seen her wearing a dress. Doesn’t she look stunning?


Five fun bridesmaids! The light in and around the columns that surround St Peter’s Basilica was lovely and soft:

Bride and Bridesmaids

Pauline’s brother Robbie gave her away and did a lovely heartfelt speech in the evening:

Bride and Brother

The handsome groom:


A photograph to Wow. This was taken at the end of the ceremony after Pete & Pauline had signed the register and some of the guests came up on to the altar to take their photographs. I LOVE it:


Near to the Spanish Steps, I certainly wasn’t the only one who took this shot. A crowd of about 50 tourists had gathered behind me!

Bride and Groom

Lovers of architecture, The Colosseum makes for an interesting background:

Bride and Groom

What a position for a very special evening:


As the sun set, I took some time out to do some long exposures. Great result:

The Colosseum

Pete & Pauline, I can’t thank you enough for looking after me the way that you did and for making my job so much fun. The meal was beautiful, the setting was exceptional and the company on the top-table was … Jamie. Only joking! I loved every minute of it, a day I will never forget. – Amy.

Wedding photographer: The Caracalla & The Hassler, Rome, Italy: Gareth & Alisa

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at The Caracalla & The Hassler, Rome, Italy for the wedding of Gareth & Alisa.

We’ve been chatting recently with other photographers about ‘pinch yourself’ venues. Gareth & Alisa were married on the 08/08/08 in Rome and had their reception at one of those such places – The Hassler Hotel. Their guests were treated to an ‘experience’ from start to finish. After the civil wedding in the Caracalla (one of Rome’s wedding halls) they made their way back to the Hassler Hotel which overlooks the Spanish Steps in the city centre.

The Hassler is simply stunning. Lunch-time drinks in the garden courtyard were followed by the wedding meal in the Imago restaurant situated on the hotel’s 6th floor. It was booked exclusively for the wedding and with panoramic windows and incredible views of the city you’d have thought it would be hard to top! Well top it they did! Gareth & Alisa had the Presidential Suite booked for the night (it was where Tom Cruise & Katie stayed in the week before their own wedding.) As dusk approached, the guests caught the lifts up to the apartment’s private terrace for the evening celebrations. Much drinking & dancing followed & the party was in full swing when we finally left to make our way home – buzzing from the experience :) On with some images!!

Red soles!

Both Gareth & Alisa got ready (separately) in another stunning 5-star Hotel – The Grand Plaza. This is just one part of the beautiful staircase with its stained-glass window.

You won’t meet a more laid-back groom.

One of the peculiarities of the Caracalla Wedding Hall – the Bride & Groom exit via a small door on the side of the building.

Some of the kids, who were all wonderfully-behaved all day long, during the lunch-time drinks in the Hassler’s garden courtyard.

Young Mark was one of the bestmen. He did a great speech & helped us out all day long. Here he is with his proud Mum :)

The Imago restaurant. What an incredible setting. It was great to see the surprise on the guests faces as their lift doors opened here on the 6th floor. This image was taken during Gareth’s speech.

Although it was blisteringly hot, we went for a short walk out onto the Spanish Steps.

Inside the Presidential suite. This is the dining area. You can see Gareth & Alisa’s daughter ‘Amy’ by the reflective door to the bedroom.

Finally, not the terrace but a view from the terrace to illustrate the spectacular location.

G&A: Thanks for looking after us on the day folks, we are still buzzing from the experience of it all. You certainly achieved your goal to give your friends & family an experience to remember.

Wedding photographer: The Pantheon & Casina di Macchia Madama, Rome, Italy: Leo & Korie

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at The Pantheon & Casina di Macchia Madama, Rome, Italy for the wedding of Leo & Korie.

There are a few buildings in the world that are simply awe-inspiring. The Pantheon is one of them. Leo & Korie were fortunate enough to be able to marry in the Pantheon on Friday in a beautiful ceremony. It was one of those ‘pinch yourself’ events which happen so rarely in your lifetime. I felt especially privileged since this is also my favourite building in the world & to have exclusive use of it whilst crowds of hundreds, possibly thousands were held back outside by barriers.

Afterwards, the families & guests were transported to the gorgeous Casina di Macchia Madama Villa, close to the Olympic Stadium for the reception whilst we took a small detour to the Trevi Fountain for a few extra shots.

On with some images!

The Pantheon taken from Korie’s hotel room window.

Leo, his father, brother & groomsmen on their way!

Colours, textures, architecture – pure Italy in my opinion (oh, & the groom of course!)

The dress goes on

Because we’ve so many images to select from still, we’ve skipped some in the timeline to get to a shot showing the incredible setting for the ceremony. Leo & Korie are at the altar here, the photograph shows wonderfully, the scale and beauty of this building.

A moment during the ceremony. Priests don’t get any more helpful than this. A refreshing change from the attitude of some we’ve encountered in the UK previously.

Just after the ceremony & we had some time for photographs as the public were re-admitted. The staff were wonderful in keeping crowds back behind us until we were done.

Amy is down in the crowds there somewhere – ready for confetti. I’m following – you can get a real feel for the atmosphere here.

By the Trevi Fountain. We did photograph by the fountain as well, but this is just a little different ;)

Fun back at Casina di Macchia Madama.

Darkness approaching rapidly. The Italian Cup Final was being played in the nearby Olympic Stadium during this period. Every now and then you could hear huge cheers when either team scored. It just added to the amazing atmosphere.

One of many lovely captures during the dances.

A lovely, lovely couple & a perfect day. Thank you to everyone for their hospitality! – Andy

Wedding photographer: Rome – Chiesa di Santa Costanza & Bernini Bristol Hotel: Matthew & Denise (& the roof of Rome!)

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers in Rome at Chiesa di Santa Costanza & Bernini Bristol Hotel for the wedding of Matthew & Denise.

We’re just back from Rome and the beautiful wedding of a lovely couple. Matthew & Denise were married in an emotional ceremony by Father David – a Priest & family friend – in the gorgeous Chiesa di Santa Costanza. We were all then transported to the luxurious 5-star Bernini Bristol Hotel which dominates Piazza Barberini. The guests were treated to a roof-top terrace reception with top quality food, a jazz trio & stunning views of the city. Pam, Sheila & David of Wed-in-Rome did a superb job of putting the day together and keeping it on track – (& they got a well-deserved “thank you” from an appreciative Matthew in his speech). I could go on and on about this day but let’s look at some snaps eh? ;)

Matthew – absolutely not looking nervous before leaving the hotel for the church.

How often have you been in churches like this one?! Family & friends stood in a semi-circle around the Altar. We particularly love this shot for the story it’s telling. In the large version you can see the best man wiping his eyes (He’s in the background between the couple & Father David).

Father David in action!

How about that for a beaming Bride!

Brother & Sisters outside the church.

An example of that golden, Italian light – early evening on the roof terrace.

And finally, a glimpse of the city from the terrace. Of the illuminated buildings on the horizon, you can pick out St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City which is just to the right of centre on the horizon. Our wide-angle lens makes everything look much more distant than it actually was.

Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon folks! Look forward to seeing some ‘snaps’ of your own!! :) – Andy