Why we love our job!

I often wonder how much other people actually love their jobs? I don’t mean ‘enjoy’, I mean ‘love’! We feel like we’re the luckiest people around because we spend our working days with two people on the happiest day of their lives. And then, the icing on the cake is getting messages like these (taken from the blog comments):

How amazing are these photographs! It was like re-living the day all over again, I don’t mind telling you I shed a tear (or several) you two are simply magnificent and have captured our day exactly how it was! I would recommend you to everyone

Love Pamela & Michael xxxx (after seeing their gallery for the first time)

We had the most amazing day, it was PERFECT! Thanks Amy and Andy, it was a pleasure to have you at our wedding. Cant wait to see the Vanity Fair shot!

Jenny and David x

We’re shooting Luci & Nick’s wedding tomorrow – we can’t wait to get going :)