Carl & Suzie

On Sunday we photographed Carl & Suzie’s wedding at the Sant Miquel del Fai monastery near Barcelona. They are an absolutely lovely couple and were a pleasure to be around – which we were until 2.30am, when the coaches collected us and the rest of the guests to take us back to our hotels/villas. As you’ll see from the snap I took from the coach, the buildings of the monastery are sat on the edge of a cliff-face about half-way up a mountain. There was a decent breeze during the day which helped to keep the temperature from being uncomfortable and for the last couple of hours, most of the guests (and us!) were to be found relaxing outside under the full moon and stars.
C&S: Thanks for having us there & to all your friends & relatives for making us feel completely at home (and plying us with drinks!) On with the images:

Carl takes a damn good photo!


This is purely a snap taken through the coach window, but it’s to give you an idea of where the monastery is situated!

Lovely moment during the ceremony. The vicar had been flown out there specially for the ceremony & he made a wonderfully personal job of the service.

Very sensual!

A few of the lovely ladies during a paparazzi moment!

And this is what they were all pointing their cameras at :) It’s in black & white purely to contrast with the colourful dresses of the ladies in the previous image.

Suzie ensured that Carl had learned a ‘salsa’ routine for their first dance. All the months of training paid off ;)

That’s it for now! C&S: enjoy your honeymoon – we’re extremely jealous! Speak to you when you’re back home. -Andy