Wedding Photographer: Comune of Salò and The Grand Hotel, Gardone Riviera, Lake Garda: Michael & Anna

Amy was the wedding photographer at the Comune of Salò and The Grand Hotel, Gardone Riviera, Lake Garda, Italy for Michael & Anna’s wedding.

Since I posted Adi & Emma’s blog post on the 1st of July, I have been to the UK for the wedding of Kolone & Helen, flown back to Italy (but not home!) photographed weddings at Lake Garda and Lake Como and have travelled back to the UK overland via nightstops in southern Germany and Bruges in Belgium. You could say that I’ve been a wee bit busy ;-)

With a few days on my hands before Saturday’s wedding I am furiously processing images and designing albums so that all of my wonderful brides and grooms have the shortest possible wait to see their wedding images. Bear with me – I’m doing my best!

Michael & Anna were married in the beautiful Comune of Salò. What a wonderful staircase and room. Anna arranged her wedding so that with just 5 hours of photography coverage, I managed to capture everything from getting ready to cutting the cake and even had an hour alone with them to take photographs around the streets of stunning Salò.

Just 5 minutes down the road is the lovely Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera, a hotel that I am very familiar with having photographed weddings there in the past. A great option and the choice to sit and eat inside or out. Take a look:

Anna’s vibrant bouquet:

Bride's Bouquet

Garter on!

Bride & Bridesmaid

The rest of Michael will be revealed shortly!


The Comune of Salò – look at the ceiling! The light in the room throughout the ceremony was amazing.


Another confetti shot on the blog – just because I love’em!



Groom & Guests

I set-up a shot of Anna & Michael at the bottom of the Comune building’s staircase but I love this one equally taken seconds before. The bridesmaids were helping me out by arranging Anna’s dress. A lovely story-teller.

Bride, Groom & Bridesmaids

Meandering through the streets of Salò.

Bride & Groom

Love this one.

Bride & Groom

Back to The Grand Hotel Gardone Riviera, where the guests were already tucking into aperitivi.


One of the group photographs.

Bridal Party

Such a lovely spot, I snapped the Bride & Groom there too!

Bride & Groom

Perfectly-arranged Anna! I’ll be in touch very shortly with the access details to your complete gallery – perhaps as early as tomorrow. You’ll be the first to know :-) xx

Wedding Photographer: The Grand Hotel, Gardone Riviera, Lake Garda, Italy: Ian & Chloe

Amy was the Wedding Photographer in Gardone Riviera, Lake Garda, Italy for the wedding of Ian & Chloe.

It was a baking-hot July day when Ian & Chloe tied the knot in the beautiful little town of Gardone Riviera on the western shores of Lake Garda, Italy. Since I first became a wedding photographer, Lake Garda has become the place where I have photographed more weddings than anywhere else. Normally Malcesine plays host, but the town of Gardone Riviera is also beautiful and was actually the first town on the Lake that Andy & I ever visited together.

The ‘Comune’ building is lovely – perched up high with wonderful views over Lake Garda and the reception venue, The Grand Hotel, is perfectly positioned. What I especially loved about the Grand Hotel is that it is in the centre of the little town which meant that it was easy for me to get some lovely shots of Ian & Chloe meandering through the pretty streets of Gardone Riviera. Such a fun couple: Chloe and her bridesmaids couldn’t stop laughing all day long whilst I think Ian rather enjoyed the ‘modelling!’

Colour! The Grand Hotel viewed from the Lake-side. This time of year at Lake Garda is especially colourful with the geraniums and oleander in full bloom.
Wedding Photographer Italy - The Grand Hotel, Gardone Riviera

Chloe was wondering if Ian would notice if she drank the bottle of Champagne, given as a gift, before the wedding.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride getting ready

Here come the guys. Light-coloured suits definitely suit the baking-hot temperatures.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Groom & Groomsmen

Chloe – ready to leave.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride

A moment during the ceremony in Gardone Riviera’s Comune building (Town Hall.)
Wedding Photographer Italy - Ceremony

This was taken directly outside the Comune in the lovely garden there.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom

Chloe and the bridesmaids.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Bridesmaids

Chloe & Ian had decided to walk down the hill to the hotel – which was a great idea & offered me the chance for more beautiful images.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride, Groom & bridal party

The setting for dinner. Hard to beat eh?
Wedding Photographer Italy - The Grand Hotel, Gardone Riviera

The stunning little streets of Gardone Riviera close to the Grand Hotel.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom

Beautiful location, lovely, lovely couple, great weather…being a wedding photographer in Italy can really be tough sometimes eh? ;)

Your album won’t be long folks – keep an eye on your email!

Wedding Photographer: Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy: James & Amber

Amy was the Wedding Photographer at Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy for the wedding of James & Amber.

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit the Italian Lakes, the scenery and beautiful towns always blow me away. Malcesine is one of my favourite places of all time to visit and to photograph weddings in the magical Malcesine Castle is nothing short of a privilege. A boat ride after the ceremony was great fun and the weather was gorgeous all day – perhaps a little too hot even!

Every detail – flowers, button holes, head-dresses, even the bridesmaid’s dresses had been hand-made by the same lady. A brilliant idea on a hot day as the flowers don’t wilt but look lovely all day long:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bouquet

Every Bride knows how quickly that last hour passes when you’re getting ready! It was all hands on deck to finish off Amber’s hair:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Bridesmaids

Whilst James patiently waited:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Groom

The Girls:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Bridesmaids

Malcesine Castle is great for post-ceremony photographs:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom

Love this:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom

Taken from the boat, the town of Malcesine on Lake Garda. Malcesine Castle dominates the town from this view:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Malcesine

The bridal party wander through town. Look at the colours of the buildings in the background:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bridal Party

After the boat ride, aperitivi were served on the Lake’s edge:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Reception

Love this too:

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom

Great day folks! Enjoy the rest of your time in Italy, I hope the weather stays as good for you :-)

Wedding photographer: Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy: Dave & Sarah

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy for the wedding of Dave & Sarah.

On the 10th September we were lucky enough to be back in one of our favourite parts of the world – The Italian Lakes, having only left Lake Como a few days before. This time we were at Malcesine Castle at Lake Garda for the wedding of Dave & Sarah. A venue we know well, Malcesine Castle boasts one of the most fantastic spots to get married and one of very few outdoor places where you can marry in Italy. The Excelsior Bay Hotel played host for the couples’ reception. We love to go walk about with the Bride and Groom and when the guests come along too it’s a bonus. A 20 minute walk with the entire wedding party from the Castle to the Hotel is a wedding photographers dream scenario!

Here goes:

Malcesine; the Excelsior bay Hotel is the white building on the right. Malcesine Castle is just out of shot around the far corner.

Wedding photographers Italy - Malcesine

Dave – almost ready.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

Some family & friends managed a quick tipple prior to leaving for the castle.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom and Family

A lovely moment between Sarah and her Mum.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Mum

A fun, light-hearted ceremony.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom

The back-drop to the ceremony. Stunning.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom

You do have to be fairly fit to get married at Malcesine Castle however – so many steps!

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom

Wondering through the Malcesine streets; Andy had spotted this beautifully-lit spot the evening before the wedding.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom

Some of the wedding party as they made their way to the Excelsior Bay Hotel for the reception.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride, Groom and Guests

Once we finished, we jumped into our car and drove the 3 hours to Varenna on the eastern shores of Lake Como for the wedding of Frank & Katharine – images to follow soon :-) I know I keep saying this but, to all of our August and September Brides and Grooms, THANK YOU for your patience. – Amy

Wedding photographer: Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy: Ross & Debra

Amy & Andy were the Wedding Photographers at Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy for the wedding of Ross & Debra.

We were lucky enough to go back to one of our favourite wedding locations last week for the wedding of Ross and Debra; Malcesine on Lake Garda. Malcesine Castle is one of the most spectacular places imaginable to get married at and one of the few places in Italy where the legal ceremony may take place outdoors.

The guests had travelled far and wide (Australia – Canada) to join them for their special day. After the ceremony, everyone wandered through the beautiful town of Malcesine and along the Lake front to the stunning Hotel Excelsior Bay.

Here’s a few tasters:

Ross with Mum and Dad in the background.

It’s quite a climb to the platform where the ceremony takes place but it’s more than worth the effort!

Isn’t it?

Whilst Andy is photographing the whole group from above, I sneaked down and shot this from below :)

Love this shot. What a happy bride!

Debra can model too! The most simple images always stand out.

Walking through the town of Malcesine is such a fabulous photography opportunity – you just can’t point your camera in the wrong direction!

Fabulous colours in the sunshine.

Hotel Excelsior Bay stands pride of place along Lake Garda’s edge.

Lovely moment during the speeches.

The light at dusk was beautiful.

Sorry that this post is a wee bit late in coming; we had our European road trip to hack before we could get back in front of the computer. I’m knuckling down to the album now and it’s looking rather good! – Amy.