Wedding photographer: Cadenabbia & Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy: Pete & Simone

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Lake Como in Cadenabbia & Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Italy for the wedding of Pete & Simone.

OK – I’ve rummaged through our shots from Pete & Simone’s wedding and quickly selected a few that show a little of what their day entailed. I haven’t had time to work anything so they’re all pretty much as shot out of camera. The main venue for the day was the stunning, 5-star Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Lake Como. Here’s a snap that I took just to show the main lounge area. My lens was no where near wide enough to show the full scale of this room – this is probably half of it at most.

So, some images from the day: firstly, as normal in pretty Italian villages, cobbles make walking in heels quite difficult. But as it’s so clean, the girls had the right idea.

Simone leaving her room – this is untouched straight from camera.

Once everyone was ready for the ceremony, it was time to jump on some private boats for the trip over to Cadenabbia where a gorgeous little church awaited. The guests & groom had the larger of the two boats and the bride followed on some 30 minutes later in something a little quicker :) Here we are now inside the church mid-ceremony.

After the service, the families & friends departed on their own boat for an hour’s tour of the lake.

Pete & Simone (along with Giselle & Matt to help) enjoyed a brief boat journey and then headed back to the Hotel for some photographs before meeting up with their family & friends again. That’s the Hotel again in the background.

I’ve fast-forwarded past the reception drinks, meal, speeches etc., to the end of the evening now! La Divina Commedia is a fabulous, quirky bar in the town which the couple hired to host their night party. I’ve quickly selected one image to give you an idea of how it’s a little differently decorated to most bars :)

We were shattered when we left at 1.30am but we had the most amazing time with an amazing group of people. Thank you all for your friendliness and hospitality. Can we do it all again? :) – Andy

A room with a view!

No, not one of David Williams’ photographs of me on my wedding day (as it has been titled) but the stunning view from our hotel near Bellagio, Lake Como. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and spent 2 nights here over Pete & Simone’s wedding. We have got to go back and stay there again. What an amazing sight to wake up to!

And the breakfast room wasn’t bad either ;)

We’re currently working hard on David & Jenni’s album – lots of catching up to do and we’re away again on Friday for Matt & Cath’s wedding south of Rome. Lots to do, so little time! We’ll have some of Pete & Simone’s highlights up here tomorrow. – Andy

Catching up!

Well, we did reach Italy after our usual 2-day, 20 hour drive from the UK and we’ve since not stopped: cleaning up the farm-house, catching the odd mouse! and doing some clearing up at our new house (i.e. ruin!) On Sunday we drove the 5 hour journey up to beautiful Lake Como to shoot Pete & Simone’s wedding which was yesterday. It took us 8 hours to drive home today so we’re shattered but we’ll update the blog with some images of where we stayed on the Lake & then when we’ve trawled through Pete & Simone’s wedding images we’ll upload some of those!

Until tomorrow…! – Andy