Wedding Photographer: Cadenabbia, Bellagio & Vassena, Lake Como: Dick & Shia

Amy was the wedding photographer in Cadenabbia, Bellagio & Vassena, Lake Como, Italy for Dick & Shia’s wedding.

I always get excited about going to Lake Como. I know it so well having photographed many weddings all around the Lake and was super-excited to be going twice over the next two weekends. The first trip was for the wedding of Dick & Shia and in order to fit it in I had to fly from Naples to Milan having only just photographed the Sorrento wedding.

Dick & Shia are the most fabulous Dutch couple who had planned a wonderful day around the Lake. After getting ready in Bellagio, they hopped across the Lake on boats for the ceremony in the Anglican Church of Cadenabbia: a church with an impressive golden altar that I know so well. Dutch tradition means that the cake cutting comes immediately after the ceremony, then we jumped on the ferry and I had some time with Dick & Shia in Bellagio. After photographs, 10 minutes drive to the little village of Vassena and to the reception which took place in a family member’s private home – and what a home! Incredible views of the Lake and a perfectly placed terrace and swimming pool. Sheer luxury!

Take a look:

Lake Como taken from Bellagio.

Lake Como

Gorgeous Shia.


Shia’s proud Mum.

Bride's Mother

Dick and the guests jumping on the boat that took them to Cadenabbia on the other side of the Lake where the ceremony took place.

Lake Como Boatride

A relaxed vicar who performed a wonderful heart-felt ceremony – he was even warm to the photographer!


Look at that fabulous alter!



Toasting the Bride & Groom

Taken from the boat heading back to Bellagio, one of my all-time favourite towns.

Bellagio, Lake Como


Bride & Groom, Lake Como

Bellagio is so colourful.

Bride & Groom, Bellagio

You’ve been bubbled!

Bride & Groom & Bubbles!

Not a bad backdrop for the group shots ;-)

Group Shot

The first speech. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand a word of them!


People had put together some lovely memories for Dick & Shia.

Bride & Groom

Shia’s crazy about Christmas and so every guest gave her a homemade decoration! Dick got cigars instead.


Huge smiles all day long.


Just chilling out.



Bride & Groom, Lake Como

Shia and her brother reminisce.

Bride & Brother

Too stunning for words.

Table Decorations

The children were taken out for a ride in the family speed boat.

Lake Como

Last shot of the day.

Bride & Groom

Loved it loved it loved it. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and for the fabulous experience. I’ll be in touch very soon with your complete gallery details. Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Varenna, Bellagio & Veleso, Lake Como: Stevie & Rachel

Amy was the wedding photographer in Varenna, Bellagio & Veleso, Lake Como, Italy for Stevie & Rachel’s wedding.

The weather on the 1st of October was absolutely beautiful. Bright blue, not a cloud in the sky and almost as hot as a mid-summer’s day but without the bugs! I’m not sure that there is anywhere quite like Lake Como when the weather is perfect like that and the treat of going way up high above the Lake to a little place called Veleso was outstanding.

Rachel got ready in a lovely apartment directly opposite George Clooney’s house in Pognana Lario and then jumped on a boat for a half hour journey to Varenna for the ceremony. The Old Church of San Giorgio in Varenna is gorgeous and the religious ceremony provided the perfect contrast to the rest of the day which was relaxed and fun.

After the ceremony, Rachel, Stevie and I jumped back on the speed boat to get ahead of the guests so we could get some time for photographs in Bellagio. After that it was up the 4 mile windy, steep road to Veleso where the views across the mountains blew everyone away. Take a look:

Gorgeous bouquet.

Bride's Bouquet

I love this photograph of Rachel being helped into the boat.

Bride gets into boat

Varenna, Lake Como

Varenna, Lake Como

And here she gets off the boat!

Bride gets off boat

The handsome groom awaits.


Readers during the ceremony in the beautiful ‘Old Church of San Giorgio’ in Varenna


One of my favourites – Stevie shows off his new ring in the background.

Bridesmaid signs register

We did it!!

Bride & Groom leave church

Guests greet Rachel & Stevie as they exit the church and grab a handful of confetti.

Bride & Guests

They line up ready to launch!

Guests get ready to throw confetti

Love this.

Bride, Groom & Guests

Rachel & Stevie get off the speed boat at Bellagio for a quick photo shoot.

Bride & Groom

One of the results.

Bride & Groom

The terrace at Albergo Bella Vista in Veleso. Breath-taking.

Reception Detail

Rachel with Mum & Dad. (PS Thanks for the lift Kevin.)

Bride & Parents

Fun group shot.

Bride, Groom & Bridal party

The models model :-)

Bride & Groom


Veleso, Lake Como

A beautiful day, a beautiful couple – thank you for having me. -Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Lake Como, Italy – Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni: Rob & Jessica

Amy was the wedding photographer in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni for Rob & Jessica’s wedding.

Bellagio, Lake Como: as many of you bLOG followers will know, one of my favourite places on the planet to be. The wedding of Rob & Jessica took place at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni. There’s only really one way of describing this Villa and that’s to say, it’s ‘breath-taking.’ Its position on the lake is the best and the rich interior is pure elegance.

A story of true love, English-born Rob has left his family and friends behind in the UK to make a new life in Chicago, to be with his gorgeous new wife, Jessica. With half of the party travelling from the UK and the other half from America, everyone was up for having a wonderful Italian escape, making sure that the atmosphere on the day was upbeat and fun.

Take a peek:

The dress, having been steamed by the Villa staff:


How do you tie a cravat? Best we check out this YouTube vid. and find out!!

Groom & Ushers

Look out to the Lake, take a deep-breath and let’s go get married!


Jessica’s 2 little nephews were so cute and carried out their roles perfectly:

Page Boys

Nice spot for it!


Proud Mum (do I have to write Mom?)

Bride & Mum


Bride & Groom

We all went for an hour and 1/2 boat-ride passing some of the stunning houses, villas and hotels around the Lake. Such a treat.

Boat Ride, Lake Como


Bride & Groom

Back on dry land for drinkies before dinner:

Bride & Guests

Group shots can be fun!

Bridal Party

Jessica & Rob enter for dinner. I love the combination of ‘risky’ depth of field and slow shutter speed here. Just enough to capture Jessica & Rob perfectly, but leaving everyone else either out of focus or with their clapping-hands motion-blurred.

Bride & Groom

Great day guys. Really, really great day. You made me feel so welcome. Thank you so much. -Amy x

Wedding photographer: Bellagio & Varenna, Lake Como, Italy: Frank & Katherine

Andy & Amy were the Wedding Photographers at Bellagio; Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo & Villa Cipressi in Varenna, Lake Como, Italy for the wedding of Frank & Katherine.

Frank & Katherine married at the Comune of Bellagio on the 11th September. Another beautiful, sunny day; we were lucky to travel to ‘work’ by boat from Varenna to Bellagio to photograph the bride and groom getting ready and the ceremony. The wedding ceremony was light-hearted and fun due to a wonderful translator and a very chilled-out group of mainly Kiwi and Irish guests.

After the ceremony and a few drinks we headed over to Villa Carlotta on the west shore of the Lake in Tremezzo. After an hour or so in the grounds, which included some drinks at a small cafe-bar, we were back on the boat by-passing Bellagio to the East shore of the Lake and the stunning little town of Varenna. The reception was held in Villa Cipressi; an absolutely gorgeous setting and neighbour to Villa Monastero. Enormous thanks to Frank and Katherine and their wonderful group of family and friends for taking extra-special care of us and treating us to a beautiful meal after we had finished.

On with the images:


Wedding photographers Italy - Bride

A fun moment during the ceremony.

Wedding photographers Italy - Ceremony

Frank made Katherine laugh non-stop!

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride & Groom

Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo where the cafe-bar had been reserved for the guests.

Wedding photographers Italy - Guests

The front of Villa Carlotta is very impressive. Well worth a trip if you’re in the area.

Wedding photographers Italy - Villa Carlotta

A moment whilst wandering through the villa’s gardens.

Wedding photographers Italy - Villa Carlotta

Andy’s jokes make people laugh (sometimes).

Wedding photographers Italy - Guests

Heart-shaped ravioli :-)

Wedding photographers Italy - Food

In front of Villa Monastero, Varenna.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride & Groom, Villa Monastero

Villa Cipressi, Varenna – a fabulous wedding venue.

Wedding photographers Italy - Villa Cipressi

Hilarious speeches!

Wedding photographers Italy - Speeches

Thanks again folks for looking after us so much; we thoroughly enjoyed our day. Stand-by Louise & Chris – you’re next! – Amy.

Wedding photographer: Cadenabbia & Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy: Pete & Simone

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Lake Como in Cadenabbia & Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Italy for the wedding of Pete & Simone.

OK – I’ve rummaged through our shots from Pete & Simone’s wedding and quickly selected a few that show a little of what their day entailed. I haven’t had time to work anything so they’re all pretty much as shot out of camera. The main venue for the day was the stunning, 5-star Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, Lake Como. Here’s a snap that I took just to show the main lounge area. My lens was no where near wide enough to show the full scale of this room – this is probably half of it at most.

So, some images from the day: firstly, as normal in pretty Italian villages, cobbles make walking in heels quite difficult. But as it’s so clean, the girls had the right idea.

Simone leaving her room – this is untouched straight from camera.

Once everyone was ready for the ceremony, it was time to jump on some private boats for the trip over to Cadenabbia where a gorgeous little church awaited. The guests & groom had the larger of the two boats and the bride followed on some 30 minutes later in something a little quicker :) Here we are now inside the church mid-ceremony.

After the service, the families & friends departed on their own boat for an hour’s tour of the lake.

Pete & Simone (along with Giselle & Matt to help) enjoyed a brief boat journey and then headed back to the Hotel for some photographs before meeting up with their family & friends again. That’s the Hotel again in the background.

I’ve fast-forwarded past the reception drinks, meal, speeches etc., to the end of the evening now! La Divina Commedia is a fabulous, quirky bar in the town which the couple hired to host their night party. I’ve quickly selected one image to give you an idea of how it’s a little differently decorated to most bars :)

We were shattered when we left at 1.30am but we had the most amazing time with an amazing group of people. Thank you all for your friendliness and hospitality. Can we do it all again? :) – Andy