Wedding Photographer: Ravello Town Hall & Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy: Ian & Sam

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Ravello Town Hall & Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy for the wedding of Ian & Sam.

Since becoming wedding photographers years ago we have heard lots of great reviews about Villa Cimbrone in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. We finally got the opportunity to photograph there for the wedding of Ian & Sam on the 28th August. Villa Cimbrone more than lived up to its incredible reputation – what a jaw-dropping place it is! The view from the terrace is reputed to be one of, if not THE best view in the whole of Italy and is certainly a sight that will stick with us for many years to come.

A wedding photographer’s dream, Ravello is perfect in every way – an elegant little town, high up in the hills with gorgeous, narrow streets and blooming with colourful flowers. I have to also mention the Infinito Suite at the 5 star Palazzo Sasso in which Sam and her bridesmaids got ready – Wow! I could have spent a week or two there with its stunning views and jacuzzi on the terrace. If only!

Ian’s vibrant waistcoat looked great. He fitted in perfectly in such a colourful little town.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Groom, Ravello

The Stunning bride.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride, Ravello

Just married! I bet they were finding rice in various places for days afterward!

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom - Ceremony, Ravello

The bridal party pose for the formal group shot. What a stunning back-drop. We don’t normally post examples of the formal images because I think many photographers hate doing them (as do many couples!) But, for many, they’re an essential part of a wedding – a historical record of the people their and what they wore etc. When you’re as organised as Ian & Sam were on their wedding day, these images can be taken pretty quickly and then everyone gets back to the party. Well worth the effort eh?

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride, Groom & Bridal Party, Ravello

Beautiful streets of Ravello.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom, Ravello

The guests head through the town to Villa Cimbrone – boy were they in for a treat!

Wedding Photographer Italy - Wedding Guests, Ravello

Ian & Sam enter ‘The Crypt’ for their wedding breakfast.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom, Villa Cimbrone, Ravello


Wedding Photographer Italy - Wedding Cake, Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

All five bridesmaids give it ‘some’ on the dance floor :)

Wedding Photographer Italy - Villa Cimbrone, Bridesmaids, Ravello

One of my favourite first dance shots of all-time.

Wedding Photographer Italy - First Dance, Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

Ian & Sam – what a day! We loved every minute. Even the travel was entertaining for us ;) Have a great honeymoon & we’ll catch up with you very soon.

Wedding Photographer: Amalfi Cathedral & Hotel Miramalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy: Guy & Helen

Amy was the Wedding Photographer at Amalfi Cathedral & Hotel Miramalfi, Italy for the wedding of Guy & Helen.

We know a couple of wedding photographers in Amalfi. I don’t envy them constantly having to cope with the driving around the Amalfi Coast however! Either way, it’s more than worth the journey. I mean, look at the first image below: that’s Amalfi clinging onto the cliffs. Such a stunning little town and an enormous privilege to be the chosen photographer for the beautiful wedding of Guy & Helen in Amalfi Cathedral itself. The locals and tourists welcomed the bride, groom and their guests as the whole town seemed to join in the celebrations.

Hotel Miramalfi was host to the reception. The guests were treated to a wonderful spread of ‘aperativi’ on a balcony with unspoiled views of Amalfi Town and the Mediterranean. Later in the evening a hidden piano was unveiled and a talented guest played and sung as Guy & Helen did their first dance to Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars – one of my favorites.

Here goes:


Wedding Photographer Italy - Amalfi

A handsome groom …

Wedding Photographer Italy - Groom

…and a beautiful bride.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride

For me, an amazing moment. Watching Helen and her Dad make their way up the steps to Amalfi Cathedral, with the town in the background and so many people stopping to watch was magical.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Father

Helen’s entrance was also pretty eye-watering. Amalfi Cathedral is a jaw-dropping kind of place.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Amalfi Cathedral & Processional

Guests having fun in a local square after the ceremony. Again, locals and tourists look on.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Guests

Look at the size of those lemons! You may spot the chillies hanging too – my two favourite ingredients.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom

Hotel Miramalfi and the top table – Amalfi in the background.

Wedding Photographer Italy - Hotel Miramalfi

Taken during the romantic first dance.

Wedding Photographer Italy - First Dance

I LOVE Amalfi! Thank you to Guy, Helen and your lovely families and friends for such a fabulous experience – I really will never forget your big entrance Helen. Wow!