Simon & Lucy

It was Simon & Lucy’s turn to walk down the aisle on Saturday. Despite the vicar being extremely ‘anti-photography’ (“NO photos allowed whatsoever during the ceremony”) we snapped a couple on the way in and out of church. Afterwards, it was back to a marquee in Phil & Jess’s garden. Lucy looked gorgeous and Simon, despite not being keen on the camera initially, was soon coming up with ideas of his own ;) A big thanks to Phil & Jess for looking after us so considerately & also for allowing us to use their house for some photographs. Here we go with a few from the day:

Doing up these dresses is an art form!

Lovely Lucy in a downstairs room – looks like a studio!

Great bunch of girls! Love the contrast in dress colours combined with the softness of the light in here.

Lucy & Dad just about to enter the church.

A definite ‘brolly’ day. Lucy & Simon arriving for the reception.

I’m still ‘playing’ with motion :)

Simon was convinced we wouldn’t get anything of him that he liked. Maybe this one? :)

That’s it! We’re just gathering ourselves together to travel to Barcelona this weekend for Carl & Suzie’s wedding. See you soon – Andy

One thought on “Simon & Lucy”

  1. Hi Lucy and Simon,
    Just seen a handful of photos and they are brilliant. If the rest are as great as these you’ll be made up!
    The day was fantastic and I was so pleased to be part of it.
    Can’t wait to catch up with you when you get back XXX

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