Mark & Vicky

We were booked to shoot Mark & Vicky’s wedding on 7/7/07 a LONG time ago! Since then we must have had almost a dozen other enquiries for this date. Despite the recent down-pours in the UK, the weather was kind and allowed everyone a chance to make the most of the outside areas at the Mytton & Mermaid Hotel near Shrewsbury. A lovely couple, intimate venue, great families & friends, hilarious speeches, evening hog roast… – need I go on? Here are some memories:

Wow! Gorgeous little bridesmaid (& good as gold all day!)

Vicky & Mum with Dad loitering in the background.

He’s gonna break some hearts in future!

Grandma (complete with Pimms) admires Vicky’s wedding ring.

All the boys & girls.

Some creativity with lighting on the happy couple.

That’s it for now. Thanks again folks for having us (& especially for feeding us!) – Have a great honeymoon – we’ll speak to you when you’re back. – AT

7 thoughts on “Mark & Vicky”

  1. Where are the photos of me! I wish people would understand, it is just not all about vicky & mark, it was my day aswell. Thanks for the rosette “Best in Show”. Good luck vicky & mark and i look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. What a great day!

  2. Remember the speeches Will its not all about you .I agree it was a great day and the pictures are fantastic so far cant wait too see the rest . good luck for the future Bro and Sister in law . Love ya both .

  3. Had an excellent day, the registrar was very good and everyone looked lovely. Food, wine and venue all great choices and so glad the weather stayed fine. Look forward to seeing the rest of the photos as i can’t seem to remember the whole day for some strange reason!!!!

  4. Andy and Amy
    If these photos are anything to go by you will have done us proud. Everybody has commented on how well just the photos on the blog look. cant wait to see the rest. Vicky and Mark

  5. WOW !! What a fantastic day.The box of toys was our favourite and of course the kids meal.oh and the suits we looked very very posh.thanks jenka & vicky for having us..Charlie & Louis

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