The Importance of Portraits: Grandparents

With this year’s wedding season looming, I am coming out of blogging hibernation and starting to get my photography head back on. I do have a great excuse for going quiet and that is that daughter number 2 came along just 6 weeks ago on the 4th February. Her name is Lois and she’s a little cracker – albeit nocturnal! Older sister Chenin (now 4) is making a wonderful big sister and now that spring has well and truly sprung here in Umbria, life is rosy.

Having the new addition has obviously meant that the cameras have barely had time to rest over winter and they have been being clicked none-stop since Lois came along.

Now then, I have an important point to make: photographing your children is a wonderful thing to do but what’s even more important is photographing your children with you i.e. with their family. Family photographs are all important. I am making a case here in particular for grandparents. Think for a moment, my generation are having children later in life. I’m 36 now and lucky enough to still have 3 living grandparents but this is VERY unlikely to happen for Chenin and Lois.


Both my parents and Andy’s parents have been to stay with us here in Italy since Lois was born. I was super-keen to get some special photographs of the girls with their grandparents, especially whilst Lois is so tiny. Neither set of grandparents will see Lois again for a little while and therefore she’ll look so different when I get the chance to take more. Both sets of grandparents absolutely love the results. Both want them printed and both will put them in frames in their houses. Andy and I love the photographs too and, in time for us, they will be become precious. However, I didn’t insist on taking these photographs for our parents, nor for us but for the girls themselves. Many years from now when their grandparents are no longer with us and even later in life, when Andy and I are no longer here, imagine just how precious these photographs will be to our girls.


In a nutshell, I’d say that photographs of our children on their own are for us and are for now but taking photographs of our children with their parents, grandparents, siblings and other special family members are for the future. These are the ones that will become more precious with the passing of time and so please, don’t forget to take them.

I am travelling back to the UK for a week in May and would love to photograph some families. Let’s get grandparents involved too! I’m on a mission :-)

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Portraits: Grandparents”

  1. Good to see you back and on a blogging roll, wonderful blog and so true and rings true for lots of other life events too. It really is too late to get that shot when our loved ones are no longer with us.. So make sure you get those all important peeps photographed so their and your memory of them lives on.

  2. Hey you can gladly photo my 3 kids with there grandparents I know both sides would love that, we still live in Appleton so not far.yhis is if your interested I am sure your inundated with requests.

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