Wedding Photographer: Villa Antiche Mura, Sorrento: Tom & Kim

Amy was the photographer at Villa Antiche Mura, Sorrento, Italy for Tom & Kim’s wedding.

Another wedding in Sorrento and I was back to my favourite Sorrento venue: Villa Antiche Mura. Tom & Kim both got ready at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, a beautiful hotel in the very centre of Sorrento. Despite photographing many, many weddings in Sorrento before this one, I was treated to photographing a ceremony in a different venue: the Museo Correale. A beautiful room and a treat given that the ceremony took place in an air-conditioned room. With temperatures still in their high 40s, this really was a welcome relief all-round.

Back to the beautiful Villa Antiche Mura to relax with lots of food, drinks, speeches and dancing. A really lovely day.

A toast!

Groom & Groomsmen

Handsome Groom.


Kim’s sister helps her into her dress.

Bride & Bridesmaid

Love this.


A Bride Sandwich.

Bride & Parents

Ceremony in the Museo Correale.


A great family shot.

Bride, Groom & Parents

At Villa Antiche Mura now.

Bride & Groom

Secret kiss!

Bride & Groom

Beautifully done.

Table at Villa Antiche Mura

The Wedding Breakfast in full swing.

Wedding Breakfast, Villa Antiche Mura

We were treated to a wonderful sunset.

Bride & Groom

The view from the Villa.

The Bay of Naples from Villa Antiche Mura

The view from the tables at Villa Antiche Mura.

Villa Antiche Mura

A 180 degree spin and this is the scene.

Wedding Breakfast, Villa Antiche Mura

Look at that wonderful back-drop during the speeches.


Perks of the job!

Deserts at Villa Antiche Mura

Tasty-looking … cake. I know what you were thinking ;-)

Cutting the Cake

Loved it. Thanks so much – Amyx

Wedding Photographer: The Cloisters & Grand Hotel Royal, Sorrento: Chris & Stacey

Amy was the photographer in the Cloisters & Grand Hotel Royal, Sorrento, Italy for Chris & Stacey’s wedding.

I stayed in Sorrento for most of the week to photograph 3 weddings there over 4 days. Chris & Stacey also chose the Cloisters for their ceremony but the evening reception was to be held in the Grand Hotel Royal; a new venue for me. The heat-wave continued with temperatures in the late 30s but the Cloisters has a big tree in the centre providing enough shade for the wedding party to stay fairly comfortable. We were treated to a wonderful sunset in the evening as you’ll see below.

Stacey got ready in the Hotel Ambasciatori.

Hotel Ambasciatori, Sorrento

The staff are really awkward about letting ‘extra’ people into the room but they just kept sneaking in and nobody knew :-)

Bride getting ready

The Bridesmaids wait in the lobby.


Meanwhile, the Groom waits at the Cloisters.


Stacey arrives.

Bride arriving

Happy moments captured.


A small wedding; this is the entire party.

Group Shot

One of my favourites.

Bride, Groom and guests

So relaxed, lovely.

Bride & Groom

‘Ti amo.’ Thanks Mr Graffiti artist for providing me with a great backdrop!

Bride & Groom

The tables laid at the Grand Hotel Royal.

Grand Hotel Royal

The light got a bit tricky during aperitivi but there were still some lovely shots to be had.

Bride & Guests

Cocktails and chill out time at the Grand Hotel Royal.

Grand Hotel Royal

High Spirits

Grand Hotel Royal

Looking out to the island of Ischia as the sun sets.

Ischia from Sorrento

A young guest enjoys the moment.

Sorrento sunset

The colour of the sky got so intense. Beautiful.

Sorrento sunset

A lovely day all round. Thanks to Chris & Stacey and their family & friends. -Amyx

Wedding Photographer: The Cloisters & Villa Silvana, Sorrento: James & Alison

Amy was the Wedding Photographer in Sorrento, at the Cloisters and Villa Silvana, for the wedding of James & Alison.

I thought I’d present my images differently for this beautiful wedding and show you some of James & Alison’s album pages instead of individual images. Alison got ready at Palazzo Marziale which is just a few short steps away from The Cloisters where the ceremony took place. After the ceremony and some photographs around town, it was on to Villa Silvana, an exquisite private villa in the very heart of Sorrento with plush carpets, big mirrors and a beautiful terrace.

Here are just a few of the album pages that I designed for James & Alison:

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

Album Page: Sorrento Wedding

The Finished Head Sculpture

So, here we go. Sarah has finished Chenin’s head. Wow! Such an incredible piece of work. How someone can create this from a lump of clay is beyond me. It’s a truly amazing thing to have of our daughter.

It has to sit now for about 2 months (if I’ve remembered correctly) and then it goes into the oven. Seeing it turn from grey to terracotta orange will be another exciting moment. Watch this space for that!

Huge thanks to Sarah Bradpiece at The Art House Umbria. Sarah will take commissions for head sculptures so if this is something that you would like to have done of a family member then please drop me a line or contact Sarah directly through her website link above.

Art Holiday Umbria