Sarah Bradpiece creates a terracotta sculpture of Chenin

Sarah Bradpiece is a fabulous artist. She lives locally and is a good friend of ours. As an artist, she is internationally acclaimed having exhibited in galleries such as the Hayward and the Serpentine. We’ve always been intrigued by one of her particular creations; she makes terracotta sculptures of heads and shoulders copied directly from a series of photographs. As photographs freeze time, I think that these sculptures add yet another dimension to the notion being in 3D and so very ‘real.’

We were over the moon when Sarah asked if she could create a sculpture of Chenin for an upcoming exhibition. I thought I would try and capture the process of the creation of the sculpture. The first step was to supply Sarah with a set of photographs. We had Chenin spinning around on a chair so that we could capture her head and shoulders in the same position for the 360 degree rotation. We supplied Sarah with about 15 images so she gets every angle (all shot under Sarah’s watchful eye of course!). Here are 2 of my favourites and Sarah’s starting point:

Art Holiday Umbria

Art Holiday Umbria

We are so excited to see the finished piece but also to follow the process. If you’d like to read more about Sarah, her website is here:

The Art House

She is doing a series of workshops throughout next year here at her beautiful home in the Umbrian hills. This would be an incredible experience for anyone with an interest in art. Take a look at the details :-)