Wedding Photographer: Foreigner’s Club, Sorrento: Barry & Louise

Amy was the photographer in the Cloisters and at The Foreigner’s Club, Sorrento, Italy for Barry & Louiseā€™s wedding.

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Skip back to the end of August 2014 and a very hot day in Sorrento. This time for Liverpudlian-couple, Barry & Louise, and I have to say, one of the most chilled-out couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing! Views from the hotel where they both got ready were wonderful and then it was to the Cloisters for the ceremony. After a photo-shoot around town we joined the rest of the guests at The Foreigner’s Club where the party was already in full-swing. Here we go:

Views of Mount Vesuvius from the Grand Hotel Riviera.

Mount Vesuvius from Sorrento Hotel

I love the little ‘getting ready’ details.

Perfume & Garter

Barry and his Best Man waiting in the lobby of the hotel.

Groom & Best Man



Such a hot day but the couple enjoyed the shade of the tree in the Cloisters.


Love this one!


With both sets of parents.

Family Group Shot

Taken under the arches of the Cloisters.

Bride & Groom



In Sorrento old-town now with the Bridal Party too.

Bride, Groom & Bridal Party

Waiter serving lunch in the back-ground!

Bride & Groom

View from The Foreigner’s Club.

Sorrento Coastline

Great atmosphere.

Foreigner's Club, Sorrento

Dude on a Harley gate-crashing my group shots!

Group Shot

That’s more like it :-)

Group Shot

Something a bit different.


Lovely table detail.

Table Detail

There’s that volcano again!

Bride & Groom - Mount Vesuvius

I’m not sure that this huge room in The Foreigner’s Club is used very often during the summer. I rather like it!

Bride & Groom - Foreigner's Club

Lots of laughs and so chilled out. Thanks so much. Amy x