Complete Weddings

Many wedding photographers still fail to show ‘entire’ weddings on their websites or to clients in meetings & this makes me suspicious. It’s not too difficult to produce a set of pretty good images taken from a variety of weddings – even for a below average photographer. This entices unsuspecting couples with a standard of photography that’s most probably not going to happen on their wedding day. It’s one of those areas of this industry that should be subject to the Trades Description Act! Photographers: If you advertise that you photograph entire weddings, show entire weddings.

The way around it of course is to insist on seeing a complete gallery of one wedding and ideally a second to check for consistency. If you’re meeting them, view an entire wedding album. If they say that they don’t have any available to view, see it as a warning.

Every year I upload full weddings for potential clients to view. I wish everyone in this industry would do this so at least we could see the end of: “we are devastated. It was nothing like the work he/she had online.”

Complete Weddings

This link doesn’t only allow you to view the complete weddings but also gives you the opportunity to see how my online galleries work too.

As well as the complete weddings, there are many more images on my Facebook page whilst my ‘best of’ galleries can be viewed here.

Finally, 2013 is getting close to being fully booked so please drop me a line quickly if you’re still planning to marry this year. See ya there!