Wedding Photographer: Todi, Umbria: Graham & Holly

Amy was the wedding photographer in Todi, Umbria, Italy for Graham & Holly’s wedding.

Having lived and married in the town of Orvieto, I was really excited for the wedding of Graham & Holly, just half an hour away in the beautiful town of Todi and my home region of Umbria. Boy, was I in for a treat!

Tenuta di Canonica is a hidden gem. Not only does is have a stunning interior and exterior but the views from the Villa are spectacular. The ceremony took place in a huge church called Santa Maria della Consolazione on the edge of Todi . For me, the really special thing about the day was the fact that, as the wedding party enjoyed their meal and the sun went down, this enormous church was in sight, lit beautifully and standing proud on the hillside as you looked across the countryside from the Villa. It was truly perfect.

Bride, Groom, families and friends certainly knew how to party hard and the evening included a wonderful moment when Graham surprised everyone with a performance on the harmonica – which he had learned especially for that moment.

Here are a few tasters:

The attractive Tenuta di Canonica and Graham & Holly’s transport!

Tenuta di Canonica

Graham gets ready.

Groom getting ready

Holly sheds a tear as she reads a card from Graham.


Great timing man-on-moped!

Bride arriving at church


Santa Maria della Consolazione

I absolutely love this one of Holly with her Dad.

Bride & Father

Beautiful archway in central Todi.

Bride & Groom

Sneaky peek through the car windows.

Bride & Groom

Time to stop in a field on the way back to the Villa.

Bride & Groom

Love this one!

Bride & Groom in Fiat 500

We’re back – beep, beep, beep!!!

Bride & Groom in Fiat 500

Cheers everyone!

Bride & Groom at Reception

Beautiful light as the sun starts to set.

Bride & Groom


Bride & Groom

Over-looking Todi from the Villa. Look at the church on the right-hand-side.


A 180 degree spin from taking the photograph above.

Wedding Breakfast, Tenuta di Canonica

I couldn’t get over the church in the view!

Wedding Breakfast, Tenuta di Canonica

Big finish to the First Dance!

First Dance

Let’s get this party started!

Guests at wedding disco

Traditional American dance: Bride & father and Groom & Mother.

Bride & Father, Groom & Mother Dance

Your day was truly perfect and you were a joy to photograph. Thank you for having me! I’ll be in touch very soon, Amy x

Wedding Photographer: St Lukes Church, Endon & The Three Horseshoes Inn, Blackshaw Moor: Steve & Sam

Amy was the wedding photographer at St Lukes Church, Endon & The Three Horseshoes Inn, Blackshaw Moor, Staffordshire UK for Steve & Sam’s wedding.

The day after the wedding in Lucca, I jumped on a flight to London from Pisa airport and drove up to Staffordshire for the wedding of Steve & Sam. Oh my goodness, the weather! It didn’t just rain for the whole time that I was in the UK, it was absolutely torrential from the moment I landed to the moment I left!

Steve and Sam’s spirits weren’t dampened though and the day went along without a hitch. We even managed to get outside under a gazebo for a handful of group shots and some portraits of the Bride & Groom. Sam braved stepping out under the sheet of rain that was falling between the building and the gazebo, not in the least bit bothered if her dress got wet for the sake of some lovely photos! It was unfortunate that we couldn’t go into the gardens of the Three Horseshoes Inn and couldn’t see the beautiful views all around but nevermind, it’s the one bit of the day that’s completely uncontrollable.

Quick shout out to Best Man James and his gorgeous wife Rebecca who’s wedding I photographed a few years ago. Great to see you and to meet little Harry. Here’s a taster:

I Do!


Looking good Sam!

Bride getting ready

Sam’s Mum had very sadly passed away. Lovely to be able to incorporate her into the album.

Bride & Mum

The kissing gate at Church was dressed beautifully.

Floral Decorations

Can you make out Steve though the rain? It didn’t get any lighter than this!

Groom at Church

Love this one.

Guest arriving at church

More umbrellas!

Bride arriving at church

Everyone loves a good hymn!


Beautiful church interior.


Back at the Three Horseshoes Inn now. Love this one.


Steve cuddling their son Charlie.

Groom & Son

Look at those nails!

Guests Detail

Haha! (Not sure these ladies will thank me for putting this one up!)


Little Charlie.

Bride & Groom's son


Bride & Groom

Come on weather!!

Bride & Groom

Great moment during the line-up.

Bride during line-up

Looks too good to eat!

Wedding cake

So there we go – my 5th wedding in 7 days. Loved them all! Thanks go to Steve & Sam and also to Sam’s Dad for welcoming me into his home to photograph Sam getting ready. Great fun folks – thank you. Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Lucca: Steve & Jill

Amy was the wedding photographer in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy for Steve & Jill’s wedding.

From Ravello to the very beautiful town of Lucca and the wedding of Jill and Steve, organised by the great wedding planner in Tuscany, Jacqueline Bradshaw. I absolutely love this Tuscan town: it’s vibrant with lots to see and do but with the feel of a very friendly, smaller place. Steve & Jill were so relaxed and in fact opted to meet in the main Piazza 45 minutes before the ceremony, as we did on our wedding day. We set up a little ‘reveal’ for Steve as Jill made her way to him and the guests.

The Town Hall of Lucca, where the ceremony took place is AMAZING! A dream room for me to photograph in so if your wedding is in Lucca, please contact me – I’m already desperate to work in there again! After the ceremony, a quick drink and some group shots, the guests followed Jackie to the restaurant whilst Steve, Jill and I made our way there slowly, photographing as we went. We had so much fun! Everywhere I looked, there was another photograph to be had. Lunch in the Canuleia Restaurant was lovely and boy was there a lot of it (although no aubergine!!!)

Here we go:

I love Lucca!


Gorgeous everywhere you look.


Jill having a quick cuppa before she got in her dress.


You can’t beat pearls hey!

Bride's Jewellery

Final touches to the hair.


It hadn’t rained, they’d just cleaned the street the minute before Jill stepped out!

Bride & Friends, Lucca

A lovely meeting in the main Piazza.

Bride & Groom, Lucca

Paparazzi in force as we enter the Town Hall.


I love this room sooooo much!

Ceremony, Lucca


Ceremony, Lucca

Next door wasn’t too shabby either!

Bride & Groom in Comune, Lucca

Having a quick drink before the group shots, it was such a hot day.

Bride & Groom with guests

Steve’s sons with his daughter’s boyfriend.


Steve’s gorgeous daughters.


The man himself!

Groom, Lucca


Bride & Groom, Lucca

Love this one of Jill.

Bride, Lucca

Happy day!

Bride & Groom, Lucca

In the wonderful Piazza dell’Anfiteatro.

Bride & Groom, Lucca

Steve & Jill loved the ‘peely paint’ side of Italy too.

Bride & Groom, Lucca

Love this one.

Bride & Groom, Lucca

Took in!

Wedding Lunch

Guests relax in the shaded garden of Canuleia Restaurant.

Guests at Reception

Brilliant day! Stunning place, stunning couple. You won’t have to wait long for your complete gallery. I’ll be in touch very soon. Take care and so lovely to meet you. Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Villa Eva, Ravello, Amalfi Coast: John & Fiona

Amy was the wedding photographer at Villa Eva, Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy for John & Fiona’s wedding.

From Orvieto, I travelled down to Ravello for the wedding of John & Fiona. The beautiful weather turned to thunder storms but in fact made it pretty magical. The noise of the rain during the ceremony was phenomenal but as soon as the doors were opened and John & Fiona made their exit the sun came out – don’t you just love those moments!

Fiona got ready at the beautiful Villa Fraulo and the ceremony was at Santa Maria Gradillo: a church with a very unique interior. Due to the rain, drinks in the square were moved to a local bar that actually made it a more private affair and preferable to John & Fiona. We found time to enter into the wonderful Villa Rufolo for photographs. If you’re visiting Ravello, Villa Rufolo is definitely worth the entrance fee.

After that we met up with the guests again and made our way to Villa Eva, another stunning Villa with wonderful views overlooking Maiori and the rest of the Amalfi Coast. Such a chilled-out couple and a very memorable day. Here we go:

Typical Amalfi Coast colours.

Villa Fraulo, Ravello

Elegant whites.

Bouquet & Dress

My first photograph of Fiona.

Bride getting ready


Bride & Parents

I think is one of all-time favourites. Absolutely love it!

Bride in Villa Fraulo

John at the church door.


Fiona makes her way down to church in the pouring rain.

Bride with Father & Bridesmaids, Ravello

Santa Maria Gradillo – fabulous interior.

Santa Maria Gradillo

Lovely moment.

Santa Maria Gradillo

Is that the sun?! Nobody would have bet on that just 10 minutes before!

Bride & Groom, Ravello

Guests enjoying champers.


Post-ceremony drinks now under-cover.


Love this one.

Group Shot

Villa Rufolo.

Villa Rufolo, Ravello

Still in Villa Rufolo – the immaculate gardens, beautiful stone Villa and views are to die for.

Villa Rufolo, Ravello

Iconic Ravello.

Villa Rufolo, Ravello

I was asked to photograph John & Fiona’s beautifully-designed wedding invitation.


Making our way to Villa Eva.

Bride & Groom, Ravello

Entering Villa Eva, this really is a great venue.

Villa Eva, Ravello

The musicians came down from Cannes to play for them, well worth the trip – they were brill!


Isn’t this stunning?

Amalfi Coast View

Well, Brides & Grooms don’t come much more relaxed than you two! You didn’t even care that it was raining! So long as you didn’t get wet in your Cabriolet around Tuscany! Hope you had a great time. I’ll be in touch very soon with the access details for the rest of your gallery. Thanks for everything, Amy x

Wedding Photographer: La Badia, Orvieto, Umbria: Wolter & Estelle

Amy was the photographer at La Badia, Orvieto, Umbria, Italy for Wolter & Estelle’s wedding.

Not long back from France and I had 5 weddings in the week ahead. Starting in my favourite Italian town of all and the town where I got married, Orvieto. The venue, La Badia, was somewhere I knew very well and actually overlooks Orvieto. Such a beautiful and atmospheric place, I was really looking forward to going back there and to see Wolter and Estelle again.

The weather was beautiful and the sun streaming in through the single high window in the chapel made for a magical ceremony. Dutch tradition saw the cake being cut and eaten immediately after the ceremony which we then followed with group shots and lots of food and drink! The tables laid out in the old ruins of the ancient abbey were absolutely stunning. Take a look:

Looking out to the town of Orvieto and the amazing cathedral.


The chapel looked wonderful with the olive trees around the altar.

Chapel, La Badia

Relaxed Wolter.

Groom, La Badia

Wolter’s Parents. Love the colour of Mum’s outfit.

Groom's parents, La Badia

Estelle’s beautiful ‘wild flower’ bouquet.


Estelle’s parents, taken in a wonderfully-lit corridor inside La Badia.

Bride's parents, La Badia

Estelle looked so gorgeous. I’m a big fan of a lacy dress.

Bride, La Badia

Love this photograph taken during the ceremony – what a nicely-lit beard!

Ceremony, La Badia

Look at that light – truly magical!

Ceremony, La Badia

Such an amazing building to marry in.

Ceremony, La Badia

One of my favorites from the day, taken whilst the guests were eating cake and we popped back into the chapel.

Bride & Groom, La Badia

Close family and bridal party.

Group Shot, La Badia

What a display – this for me is where the Italian caterers really excel.

Aperitivi, La Badia

Love this one – even though I’m a veggie!

Aperitivi, La Badia

Tuck in!

Aperitivi, La Badia

Wolter’s sister makes the most of the delicious spread.

Aperitivi, La Badia

Wolter & Estelle in hysterics as they receive some presents.

Bride & Groom, La Badia


Bride & Groom, La Badia

What a model!

Bride, La Badia


Bride & Groom, La Badia

More food!

Menu, La Badia

Such an impressive location and set-up. Stunning!

Tables, La Badia

Cheers to a brilliant day!

Speeches, La Badia

Now you can see why it’s one of my favourite venues – so impressive, historic and atmospheric. Such a brilliant start to my week of weddings. Thanks for everything Wolter & Estelle. Can’t wait to hear where you are on honeymoon :-) Amy x