Wedding Photographer: Florence: Shannon & Shirley

Amy was the wedding photographer in Florence, Tuscany, Italy for Shannon & Shirley’s wedding.

From photographing people from Orlando in Positano to photographing people from Alabama in Florence. I was so excited to meet Bride Shirley as we chatted so much via email in the run-up to the wedding. She had only just submitted her booking contract when a huge tornado ripped through her backyard and took her fence, part of her roof and car along with it! Safe to say Shirley, Shannon and the other guests felt very blessed to have got to this day.

With temperatures way above average for March and the sky the bluest of blues, I started photographing Shirley and her friend Laura in a trendy salon. I soon left them to get on with it though and met Shannon and the rest of the guys, joining them on the short walk to the beautiful Sala Rossa and ceremony venue. This room is an old favourite of mine – I hope you’ll see why below.

The emotional ceremony was followed by a short photo shoot through the Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio before we headed up to Piazzale Michelangelo and La Loggia Restaurant. If you’re not sure where I’m on about, when you Google Florence you’ll see lots of stunning shots ‘from above’ – well, it seems that way. Those shots are taken from this wonderful spot. Here, take a look:

Early-morning Florence.


I love this shot of Laura getting ready at the salon.

Guest getting ready

Birds-eye view of Shirley having her make-up applied.

Bride getting ready at Salon

A peek at Florence’s breath-taking cathedral as Shannon makes his way through this wonderful city.

Groom in Florence

Gorgeous Shirley.


I am in love with this room. La Sala Rossa.

Ceremony at La Sala Rossa

I love it from every angle so here’s another!

Ceremony at La Sala Rossa

Congrats from Shirley’s brother who had travelled to Italy with his wife and two young children.

Bride & Guest

A wander through the Uffizi Gallery.

Bride & Groom at the Uffizi Gallery

Shirley & Shannon open gifts from their German relatives.

Bride & Guests

The entire wedding party outside of La Loggia, Piazzale Michelangelo.

Wedding Party

Beautiful table decs.

Table Decorations

Love this one – did Shirley stop smiling? Not once.

Bride & Guests

A must-see.

Duomo in Florence

Shannon, Shirley, family & friends: you made me feel so welcome. Thank you so much for having me and for allowing me to be part of such a special day. A special thank you for my wonderful meal too! I’ll never forget. Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Positano, Amalfi Coast: Joe & Liz

Amy was the wedding photographer in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy for Joe & Liz’s wedding.

First wedding of the year. Boy was I excited to get going again!

Joe, Liz and 6 of their friends had travelled from Orlando, Florida to spend a few days in Venice (where they officially got engaged), a few days in Florence and had got to Positano a few days before their beautiful ceremony that took place on the balcony of their apartment. I can’t ever remember witnessing such a very private, intimate and emotional ceremony as this one. Their friend Grant was the officiant but everyone there said a few words about their particular relationship with the Bride & Groom. Nobody came close to ‘holding it together’ during Joe & Liz’s words to each other!

The ceremony took place with Positano town as a backdrop which was where we headed afterwards. The light dropped as we walked but there was just enough time to grab a handful of shots before I left the wedding party ordering their dinner.

Thank you for letting me share folks. It was magical. I hope you love these and the rest that are to come:

Positano, Amalfi Coast.


Mimosa, famously given to ladies on ‘Ladies Day.’ Festa della Donna, 8th March.


The ring on a tap!


I love this one of Liz applying her lipstick.

Bride getting ready

One of my all-time favourite Groom shots.



Bride getting ready

Beautiful Liz.


An overview of the ceremony.


One of my favourites from the day.


Isn’t this gorgeous?

Bride & Groom

The wedding party in their entirety.

Bridal Party

Who said you can’t do group shots in the dark?!

Bride, Groom & Friends

I love the intensity of this shot.

Bride & Groom

A fun one to finish!

Bride & Groom

I’ll be in touch VERY soon folks! Hope you had a safe journey home and thanks again for letting me in. Amy x

Music for Italy Weddings

Spring has finally sprung! Thank Goodness. If I don’t see snow again for another 10 years it would be too soon… grrrr …!

Anyway, I popped round to see my wonderful friends Marco & Sally Ann a week or so ago. I have mentioned them both several times here before since Marco is an incredible pianist, Sally Ann sings and both are available for weddings in Italy. Whilst I was there, Marco said ‘Amy, watch this!’ He sat at his piano and played Scott Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag at warp factor 3. I was completely and utterly mesmerized!

Marco has since made a video of what he played for me and it’s now available to view on You Tube. Click here, sit and be mesmerized too!

Marco Marconi

What did you think? Amazing hey? Now then, you could have Marco play at your wedding. Please visit his site for all of the information that you’ll need here at Music for Italy Weddings. Don’t miss out!