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So here we are – 3 full days to go until the BIG one!! Hope everyone’s suitably excited: we certainly are here in sunny (but very cold) Umbria.

I thought I’d write a quick note about my iMAG1NE Facebook Page. So often when future Brides & Grooms contact me they ask to see more photos. Whilst there are lots of lots of images in my galleries and here on the bLOG, my Facebook Page is a great place to go to see more images from the many weddings that I do.

One of the most important things that you can do when you’re searching for the perfect Wedding Photographer is to insist on seeing complete weddings. Whilst my Facebook galleries don’t contain complete weddings, (you can see those here instead!) each folder of images contains up to 60 images from each wedding which will give you a really good idea whether or not I’ll be the right photographer for you. It’s a great place to browse many hundreds of images plus whilst you’re at it, you can glean many great ideas from the images you see there for your own wedding!

Hope that helps a little if you’re on the look-out for your photographer or for some fab wedding ideas.

Here are a few unseen images from the latest Facebook gallery wedding:

St Luke’s Church, Weston-under-Redcastle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.


Taken at Soulton Hall, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Guests at Reception

Bride during Speeches

So, take a peek at my iMAG1NE Facebook page. Hope you like it and a very Merry Christmas -Amy xxx

Wedding Photographer: Home House, London: John & Lucy

Amy was the wedding photographer at Home House, London, UK for John & Lucy’s wedding.

I travelled to London on the Wednesday proceeding John & Lucy’s Saturday wedding and enjoyed a few days with friends and the shops. I first met Lucy at her Mum’s beautiful house where she and her sisters were getting ready. Lucy was so relaxed as she prepared whilst Daisy, her little niece, kept everyone entertained.

A short trip through London and we arrived at Home House. What a swanky place! As soon as I walked in, I knew that I was going to have to fun with the camera! The ceremony wasn’t until 5pm so the light of day had well and truly gone which made me have to think and use my flash to the best of my ability.

John was ready and waiting for Lucy to arrive and the evening rolled. Everyone laughed, cried, ate a lot and danced – just how a good wedding should be!

Here we go:


Bride & Flower Girl

Cuter still!

Flower Girl

I just love this image of Lucy. What a great model!


Home House’s beautiful staircase.

Home House

You may now kiss the Bride!

Bride & Groom during Ceremony

Yipppeeee! We did it!

Bride & Groom during Ceremony

Some of the little guests started to fade a little…


… whilst everyone else had fun…


…and lots of it!



Bride & Groom

John & Lucy were so relaxed.

Bride & Groom

One of my favorites from the day.

Bride & Groom

Stunning room, ready for the guests to be seated.

Home House Wedding Breakfast

So funny!


Having a fab time.


Great moment captured during the speeches.



Bride & Groom during Speeches

First Dance in action.

Bride & Groom during First Dance

I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for making my job so much fun! Enjoy Sri Lanka and I’ll be in touch very soon – Amy. x