Wedding Photographer: Tuscany: Alex & Abbie

Amy was the wedding photographer in Tuscany, Italy for Alex & Abbie’s wedding.

Sunday was such a special day for me. To see Tuscany at its very best and to have the honour of photographing a beautiful wedding was truly memorable. Alex & Abbie got married in the most stunning chapel I think I have ever photographed a wedding in but for various reasons, the location of it must remain a secret. If you are interested in getting married at this ‘moon on a stick’ location then there is only one way of going about it and that is to contact the wonderful Jacqueline Bradshaw from Marry Me in Tuscany.

After the ceremony and a light lunch we stopped off at Sant’Antimo Abbey. A stunning Abbey with an interesting history and certainly worth a visit if you are in the area. Then it was an hour or so in the cars to the south west of Tuscany to celebrate the wedding reception at the chic Conti di San Bonifacio. Jackie did such a wonderful job of making the table look amazing – the guests almost keeled over as they came round the corner to be met with the sight of where they were to sit and eat.

Just 12 guests made the day very personal, romantic and relaxed. I loved every minute of it. Now then, I bet you’re dying to have a look at some of the images:

The view from the kitchen window in the apartment that the bride and her Mum got ready in. Not bad hey.

Tuscan detail

So much beautiful detail to photograph.


Love this one.

Bride's preparations

Abbie and her Mum.

Bride and Mother

Alex and the guests arrived. Here he is with his Dad and Abbie’s Uncle, who had the very important role of giving Abbie away.

Groom & Guests

Just look at this incredible chapel. It was tiny and perfect.


Confetti shots are often some of my favourites from the day.


More detail to capture so that it is never forgotten. Abbie’s Mum is underneath!

Guest's hat

May I introduce Gran. This gorgeous lady, the VIP of the guest list is 98 years old! She certainly seemed to have a fabulous time in Tuscany.

Bride & Granmother

Ok, I’ll give you another little glimpse-ette of the chapel.

Bride & Groom

Light-lunch, Tuscan-style was served directly outside the chapel with a view of Tuscany that was to die for. Panzanella was served, one of my favourite dishes.

Wedding Lunch

Role on a few hours and Alex & Abbie arrive at Conti di San Bonifacio ahead of the guests. Isn’t this beautiful?

Bride & Groom


Bride & Groom

As the sun went down, I barely took my finger off the shutter release.

Bride & Groom

Jackie worked her magic. Simple and elegant as usual with a ‘wow’ overall effect.

Table Detail

Meanwhile, the guests enjoyed prosecco and an incredible cheese and prosciutto board.


Now you can see why the guests were bowled over by the beautiful table settings. Well done Jackie.

Table Detail

More lovely detail.

Reception Detail

And so I left the party eating, drinking and laughing around the table – just how it should be.

Wedding Breakfast

Great couple, great families, great friends and a great, great day that everyone involved will never forget. Thanks everyone. – Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Ravello, Amalfi Coast: Dean & Rebecca

Amy was the wedding photographer at Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy for Dean & Rebecca’s wedding.

From Lake Orta, we were back down to Ravello on the Amalfi Coast via home just for a few days – talk about travelling the length and breadth of Italy this summer!

We stayed in a hotel that we haven’t stayed in before in a village called Scala, very close to Ravello. In fact, Scala ‘overlooks’ Ravello giving a fabulous view of the beautiful town and a great opening shot for a wedding in Ravello!

Dean & Rebecca were married in the gardens next to Palazzo Sasso – Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte. The gardens are stunning with a magnificent view over the Bay of Salerno. After the ceremony, and an hour or two in the main piazza, we headed off to ‘da Salvatore’ restaurant. What a setting and the food was just to die for (as was the wine – I can vouch for both!)

Here’s a little taster:

Ravello, taken from Scala.

Bride & Groom

Dean, on the right, gets ready with his Best man, Alex at Hotel Giordano in central Ravello.

Bride & Groom

New cufflinks.

Bride & Groom

Ravello is full of lovely little shops selling their famous ceramics in yellow and orange – so the colour suited perfectly.

Bride & Groom

Good work bridesmaids!

Bride & Groom

If you’ve visited Ravello, you’ll recognise this gorgeous alleyway.

Bride & Groom

Dean and his proud sister.

Bride & Groom

The ceremony in the ‘Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte.’

Bride & Groom

Just married! Dean, Rebecca, family & friends are lead into the main piazza by the guitar and mandolin players.

Bride & Groom

Love this one.

Bride & Groom

In front of the beautiful white cathedral (duomo) in Ravello’s main piazza.

Bride & Groom


Bride & Groom

The views from the piazza are wonderful. I love the light in this photograph.

Bride & Groom

Whilst the guests made their way to da Salvatore for the evening reception, Dean, Rebecca and I went back to the ‘Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte,’ where the ceremony had taken place for a few shots.

Bride & Groom

Cheers again! Taken during Alex’s somewhat emotional speech.

Bride & Groom

Ravello by night.

Bride & Groom

I just love Ravello so much. I’m there again for a wedding in September and already, I can’t wait. Thanks to Dean and Rebecca and their lovely family and friends. Your gallery will be online VERY soon! Also, hello again to an old friend of mine, Charlie – it’s amazing who you bump into at weddings! Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Lake Orta: Andrew & Stephanie

Amy was the wedding photographer at Lake Orta, Italy for Andrew & Stephanie’s wedding.

Whilst Andy made his way across Europe in our car, I travelled up from Umbria and we met in Milan. After both travelling for upwards of 8 hours, we arrived within 5 minutes of each other! We were both very much looking forward to going to Lake Orta as neither of us had visited before.

Tucked in to the west of Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta is a beautiful, very tranquil Lake with lovely views and very posh villas! Andrew & Stephanie had chosen to marry there since, whilst they are both British, they are currently living in Zurich, Switzerland with their 3 gorgeous children, Isabella, Jake and Lexi. Not too long a journey for them all.

Stephanie arrived to get married in a rowing boat. Then, after the ceremony, we took the boat over to St Julius Island for some family photographs. On return to the San Rocco hotel for aperitivi and a few group shots, we all jumped into another boat to get to the restaurant for the reception, the Ustaria Ca’ del Rat.

Stephanie is incredibly creative and had designed some wonderful decorations; the restaurant looked stunning. Her handmade table plan was gorgeous and I Ioved the ‘photo booth’ too. Take a look below:

Lexi’s shoes – so cute.

Bridesmaid's Shoes

Stephanie is zipped into her dress.

Bride Preparing

Handsome groom.


Stephanie arrives in style!

Bride arriving

The procession was lovely. The 2 page boys went off onto the grass whilst 5 year-old Isabella forgot to scatter her petals and then emptied them out of the basket all at once :-)


Little Lexi sat on Stephanie’s knee throughout the ceremony.

Flower Girl

A lovely shot of the family taken on St Julius Island.

Bride, Groom & Children

Walking around St Julius Island, Lake Orta.

Bride, Groom & Children

A sneaky moment alone …

Bride & Groom

… so I made the most of it!

Bride & Groom

Bless ’em!

Flower Girls

The kids had lots of fun and no-one fell into the Lake, surprisingly!

Little Guests

Little page boy.

Page boy

St Julius Island taken from the boat as we passed by on the way to Ustaria Ca’ del Rat, the reception venue.

Lake Orta

Isn’t this lovely? ‘Catch your butterfly to find your table.’

Table Plan

Stephanie’s ‘photo booth.’ Clever girl.

Photo Booth

A unique day in a unique place. What a wonderful day. I’ll be in touch later today guys with the access details to the rest of your images. Amy x

Wedding Photographer: Villa Catignano, Tuscany: Edward & Eleanore

Amy was the wedding photographer at Villa Catignano, Tuscany, Italy for Edward & Eleanore’s wedding.

I hadn’t photographed a wedding at Villa Catignano for a couple of years and was really looking forward to going back. When Ed called me and asked if it was possible for me to arrive 2 hours early to try and avoid the forecast evening rain, it wasn’t a problem at all.

Soon after arriving and meeting gorgeous Ele, my all-important job was magnified as Ele had been very poorly last summer. She explained that the one thing that had got her through her darkest days was the dreams about her wedding in Tuscany. Should a miracle happen, one day, she might just end up in Tuscany, with all of her family and friends around her, marrying Ed in a glorious setting. Well that miracle did happen and it happened in style!

So, obviously Ed is a very lucky guy but then again, Ele is too! Ed looked so handsome in his suit and had some great mates running around after him all day! A really humble and caring kind of guy.

Not only was Ele one of the nicest people I’ve ever met – totally humble and constantly smiling, she has also set up her own charity. Whereas most of us would visit Africa and leave feeling desperately sorry for the people, Ellie came home and set up Challenge Africa. Please visit the website – it’s a great read and an incredibly worthy cause.

Ed, Ele and their son Josh, had a fabulous day. The orange of Villa Catignano makes for a wonderful backdrop, or turn around and the view over to Siena isn’t bad either! See what you think:

Villa Catignano.

Villa Catignano, Tuscany

Ele’s shoes and veil hanging over the back of a chair – I didn’t have to move a thing!

Bride's Shoes & Veil

Ed and the guys making their way down to the garden where the ceremony took place.

Groom & Groomsmen at Villa Catignano

Meanwhile, Ele’s team do some final tweaks.

Bride & Bridesmaids

Fab cuff-links:E & E.

Groom's Cufflinks

A beautiful procession.

Bride, Mother & Bridesmaids

The heavens did open but, only at the very end of the ceremony. Good plan to bring things forward! Once the storm had passed, the evening weather was perfect.


Ele & Josh.

Bride & Son

Whilst the storm passed over, guests were treated to aperativi which included fried quail’s eggs.

Guests during aperitivi

Love it!

Bride & Bridesmaids


Bride & Groom

Ele asked me to be patient – apparently she’s not very photogenic!!!


Isn’t this gorgeous?

Bride & Groom

This colourful family missed the big group shot so I took them on their own. I love this one!


Great table plan.

Table Plan

A lovely moment during the speeches.


Such a wonderful day and I hope that you’ll love your photos; they’ll always prove that it wasn’t just a dream. I’ll be in touch VERY soon folks. Amy xx