Wedding Photographer: Guyzance Hall, Northumberland, UK: Simon & Claire

Andy & Amy were the Wedding Photographers at Guyzance Hall, Northumberland, UK for the wedding of Simon & Claire.

27 degrees! How lucky were Simon & Claire? They got married on the hottest day of the year so far, Saturday the 22nd May, at the very beautiful Guyzance Hall, near to Alnwick in Northumberland. A wonderfully relaxed day, Simon & Claire laughed all day long. Both very witty, Claire had me in hysterics whilst she was getting ready but Simon gave her a run for her money during his hilarious speech.

We had met the Bride & Groom previously when Claire was a bridesmaid for Richard & Rachel, a wedding we photographed in August 08 and a couple who we have remained friends with ever since. Great to see you two (three!) again and on such a wonderful occasion.

The three bridesmaids were given a gorgeous necklace as a gift from the Bride:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bridesmaids

Ahem! Simon posing!

Wedding Photographer UK - Groom

Claire’s Dad was emotional all day long:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride & Parents

Wow! Claire looked gorgeous (even without the veil which ‘does finish it off doesn’t it!’)

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride

Say cheese!

Wedding Photographer UK - Groom & Groomsmen

Guyzance Hall is in such a lovely part of the country. Such an impressive location and our first UK outdoor ceremony:

Wedding Photographer UK - Guyzance Hall

I opted not to photograph a staged ‘signing the register’ shot. Generally I’d prefer not to set things like that up when the natural captures work better:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride & Groom register

Captured from a distance – against a backdrop of stunning countryside:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride & Grooom

Love this:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bride & Groom

The view from inside during the reception:

Wedding Photographer UK - Reception

We love creating these Vanity Fair-style group shots:

Wedding Photographer UK - Bridal Party

A brilliant, brilliant day. I truly hope that we can catch up at another friend’s wedding soon!

Wedding photographer: Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina & Castello di Torcrescenza, Rome, Italy: Eoin & Anna

Amy was the Wedding Photographer at the Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina & Castello di Torcrescenza, Rome, Italy for the wedding of Eoin & Anna.

Rome was a bit wet and soggy for the wedding of Eoin & Anna on Saturday the 15th May. Luckily, the rain played a very small part as the day still ran like clockwork and the fairytale Castello di Torcrescenza looked simply stunning. Anna got ready at the Grand Hotel Plaza, one of my favourite hotels to work in as it has the most breath-taking lobby. The interior of the church was beautiful and we found time after the ceremony to stop at the Vatican before we headed to the castle.

Take a sneaky peek:

Anna had her hair and make-up done by two brilliant guys. She looked absolutely gorgeous even before she was ready:


I love this image of the bridesmaid steeling a quick spray of the bride’s perfume:


Eoin – chilled out and excited:


All ready with time to spare:

Bride & Bridesmaids

Last minute touch-ups:

Bride & Bridesmaid

The Grand Hotel Plaza has a great staircase as well as the amazing lobby:

Bride & Bridesmaids

Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina, central Rome:


Just married:

Bride & Groom

The guests congregated outside the church, under-cover, after the ceremony:


Quick stop to a very wet St Peter’s Square:

Bride & Groom

What a beautiful room! Castello di Torcrescenza was truly magical. Wedding planner, Brenda Babcock from Italia Celebrations said that she’d had to do very little to the room to make it look so stunning. Still, Brenda did a brilliant job for Eoin & Anna and got a well-earned thank you in the Groom’s speech:

Reception Room

The same room in ‘full-flow:’

Wedding Breakfast

Great day, loved every minute of it and I’m VERY excited by the images! – Amy.

Wedding Photographer: St Helen's Church, Tarporley and Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, UK: Matt & Katy

Andy & Amy were the Wedding Photographers at St Helen’s Church, Tarporley and Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, UK for the wedding of Matt & Katy.

Matt & Katy were married on Friday the 7th May at St Helen’s Church in the beautiful village of Tarporley, south Cheshire. Too often we are made to feel rather unwelcome as wedding photographers working in a Church but not at this wedding. A wonderfully friendly and welcoming vicar allowed us to work freely (not that we move around or use flash anyway) and as such, the ceremony shots are stunning.

Peckforton Castle was the perfect venue for the wedding reception and the weather was good enough for drinks and canapes to be enjoyed out on the lawn in the sunshine. The entire day had a really relaxed atmosphere and all of the guests seemed to have a lot of fun. Peter, a brilliant toastmaster, had everyone in stitches with his rhythmical organisational skills! I’ll get hold of his details and add them here.

Katy and her gorgeous bouquet:


Matt with his brother (& Best Man) Mark in the background:

Groom & Best Man

The vicar was really funny! He ensured that Matt seemed pretty chilled out before Katy arrived:

Groom before Ceremony

I Will:


A natural line-up formed as we left church giving everyone the chance to give their best wishes:


An alternative ‘car shot:’

Bride & Groom

The road leading to Peckforton Castle is lovely given the right weather/light:

Bride & Groom

Two young bridesmaids, Isabelle and Charlotte, were as good as gold all day long. Here’s Charlotte having fun and getting rid of some energy before dinner:


Surrounded by friends and family. I love this shot!

Bride, Groom & Guests

A beautiful window in Peckforton Castle’s Grand Hall lights Katy perfectly:


The Hexagonal Room was where the wedding breakfast and speeches took place:


Such a chilled out day folks – we really enjoyed ourselves. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday. Very jealous!