A Year of iMAG1NE

It’s that time of year to be updating gallery images, album images, the website in general and trying to summarise our 2009 season through a selection of images. I have chosen a big mixture of images from Italy weddings, UK weddings, hot days, freezing cold days, Lake backdrops, castle interiors, captured emotions, hilarious moments … you get the picture. To view, please visit our Facebook page and, in particular, the iMAG1NE 2009 images folder. Enjoy. – Amy.

Wedding photographer: St. Clement’s Church, Chorlton & Room, Manchester, UK: Michael & Jennie

Andy & Amy were the Wedding Photographers at St. Clement’s Church, Chorlton & Room, Manchester, UK for the wedding of Michael & Jennie.

Our last wedding of 2009 was that of Michael & Jennie’s on the 20th December. Jennie had been a bridesmaid at a wedding that we had photographed in 2008 (Chris & Lisa) and so we were really looking forward to seeing her again and catching up with Chris and Lisa too.

The story of the day was snow, snow and more snow! We set off from our base in Warrington an hour earlier than we needed to, to do the half-hour journey and just made it in time, not managing to drive more than 15 miles per hour all the way there! The snow seemed to come down heavier as the day went on and everyone slipped around everywhere they went but somehow, the day went by without a hitch and everyone had a fabulous, fun time.

Room in central Manchester is a unique place. A fabulous mixture of antique and retro along with amazingly high ceilings and beautiful architecture made for a vibrant atmosphere – a romantic meal and a buzzing party! The light was exceptionally low which meant we had to be extra creative! On with some images:

Andy had little time with Michael pre-ceremony as he had the huge responsibility of getting the couples’ 6 month-old daughter ready too. Both looked lovely of course. Andy did manage to capture the groom looking relaxed and took some nice detail shots of his attire:

Wedding photographers UK - Groom

A lovely moment between Jennie and her Mum:

Wedding photographers UK - Bride & Mum

The boys stopped by the pub on the way to the church. A winter wonderland.

Wedding photographers UK - The Pub

St. Clement’s in Chorlton also looked lovely under a layer of snow:

Wedding photographers UK - Church

The kiss:

Wedding photographers UK - The Kiss

More kissing!

Wedding photographers UK - Bride & Groom

The wedding breakfast in Room, Manchester:

Wedding photographers UK - Wedding Breakfast

Have a closer look at this cake shot. It’s a CHEESE cake!

Wedding photographers UK - Wedding Cake

Our closing image and one of my favorites from the day. We made the most of a halogen down-lighter in the dark surroundings:

Wedding photographers UK - Bride & Groom

We’ve been thinking about you on your honeymoon folks in the deep freeze of New York. I’m sure New Year in Times Square was magical. Stand-by, in a day or two your images will be ready. – Amy.