Wedding photographer: Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy: Dave & Sarah

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy for the wedding of Dave & Sarah.

On the 10th September we were lucky enough to be back in one of our favourite parts of the world – The Italian Lakes, having only left Lake Como a few days before. This time we were at Malcesine Castle at Lake Garda for the wedding of Dave & Sarah. A venue we know well, Malcesine Castle boasts one of the most fantastic spots to get married and one of very few outdoor places where you can marry in Italy. The Excelsior Bay Hotel played host for the couples’ reception. We love to go walk about with the Bride and Groom and when the guests come along too it’s a bonus. A 20 minute walk with the entire wedding party from the Castle to the Hotel is a wedding photographers dream scenario!

Here goes:

Malcesine; the Excelsior bay Hotel is the white building on the right. Malcesine Castle is just out of shot around the far corner.

Wedding photographers Italy - Malcesine

Dave – almost ready.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

Some family & friends managed a quick tipple prior to leaving for the castle.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom and Family

A lovely moment between Sarah and her Mum.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Mum

A fun, light-hearted ceremony.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom

The back-drop to the ceremony. Stunning.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom

You do have to be fairly fit to get married at Malcesine Castle however – so many steps!

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom

Wondering through the Malcesine streets; Andy had spotted this beautifully-lit spot the evening before the wedding.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom

Some of the wedding party as they made their way to the Excelsior Bay Hotel for the reception.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride, Groom and Guests

Once we finished, we jumped into our car and drove the 3 hours to Varenna on the eastern shores of Lake Como for the wedding of Frank & Katharine – images to follow soon :-) I know I keep saying this but, to all of our August and September Brides and Grooms, THANK YOU for your patience. – Amy

Wedding photographer: Holt, North Wales: Andrew & Fiona

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Holt, North Wales for the wedding of Andrew & Fiona.

Andrew & Fiona were married on the 5th September at St Mary’s Cathedral in Wrexham. The reception was held at Fiona’s parents’ house near to the picturesque village of Holt. A wonderful marquee had been erected in the grounds of the house but the lovely weather also allowed the guests to enjoy the garden as well.

On with the images:

A lovely shot of Andrew with his Mum and Step-Dad (Andy is still talking about their garden btw!)

Wedding photographers UK - Groom and Parents

Beautiful flowers.

Wedding photographers UK - Flowers

What a hoot! A great bunch of girls.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Bridesmaids

An emotional ceremony.

Wedding photographers UK - Ceremony

Just married!

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Groom

We heard nothing but the sound of laughter all day long.

Wedding photographers UK - Guests


Wedding photographers UK - Guests

I love the ‘leaning-over’ pine near the house. When the dinner was brought forward, it left us with just 5 minutes to go and grab some images. We love what we’ve got – but this one was practically unplanned – simply framed as Andrew & Fiona walked back to the marquee for their big entrance into dinner.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Groom

And finally, the Wedding cake.

Wedding photographers UK- Cake

Thanks for a great day folks – lovely familes, a really fantastic Priest (thank you Father for allowing us to photograph the ceremony) and, as an added bonus, thanks to Charles for some garden inspiration too!

We are finally making some head-way into the back-log of recent weddings. Thanks for your patience folks; you shouldn’t have to wait too long now to view the rest of your images. Stand-by Dave & Sarah – you’re next! – Amy.

Wedding photographer: Cadenabbia & Lido di Lenno, Lake Como, Italy: Rick & Lucy

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Cadenabbia & Lido di Lenno, Lake Como, Italy for the wedding of Rick & Lucy.

A beautiful hot day greeted us in Lake Como for Rick & Lucy’s wedding on the 31st August.  They were married in the stunning Church of the Ascension at Cadenabbia and then we all hopped onto boats (some a fair bit faster than others!) to their reception venue at the Lido di Lenno.  It’s a tough life being a wedding photographer sometimes eh?

Here are some of the highlights:

If you’re looking for an intimate reception venue – seriously consider this place.  It’s stunning – and a little bit different ;)

Wedding photographers Italy - Lido di Lenno

For some reason, ties are often a drama for the guys – certainly to get them all looking the same ;)

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom & Groomsmen

A hint of the beautiful dress

Wedding photographers Italy - Dress

Lucy’s parents have an amazing apartment.  Check out the view from the balcony!

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride

The girls outside the Church.  I took this whilst we were all waiting for Lucy to arrive.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bridesmaids

Just married

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride & Groom leaving church

Lucy’s grandmother had a fantastic time!  She stole the show later on the dancefloor :)

Wedding photographers Italy - Wedding Guests

Amy took this whilst travelling at some speed over the wake of other boats (I’m on the one in the background with half of the guests).  Trying to stay standing, travelling into full, bright sun makes it a difficult shot to pull off.  I think she had a few attempts at it, got this one and then had to sit down!  Italians drive boats like they drive cars :)

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride & Groom

When we have the opportunity, we love to do something different with the wedding party.  Before everyone asks us to do this, consider that we need the right balance of guys/girls, a decent location with space and great light and a little bit of time.  Finally, everyone has to be willing!  We love how this one turned out  :)

Wedding photographers Italy - Wedding Party

As I said earlier, it’s a great venue with lots of interesting spaces!

Wedding photographers UK - Bride & Groom

Thanks everyone for being so hospitable and kind on the day – it makes our job a genuine pleasure.  We’ll be back with the next wedding which was in the UK shortly afterwards:  stand by Andrew & Fiona :) – Andy

Wedding photographer: Siena Town Hall & Il Borro, Tuscany, Italy: Jono & Sian

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Siena Town Hall & Il Borro, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Jono & Sian.

On 29th August, on a baking hot day, we were in Tuscany at Il Borro for Jono & Sian’s wedding.  The villa has to be seen to believed – although when you first turn up at the imposing gates and seemingly-endless, cypress tree-lined driveway, you know that you’ve arrived somewhere special.  There’s a tiny ‘borgo’ associated with the villa and it was there that Jono and some of his family & other guests were staying prior to the wedding.

The first photograph here is from the main villa – in the distance you can see the borgo.  Whilst it looks quite a distance, it’s only a 5 minute walk away.

Wedding photographers UK - Il Borro


Wedding photographers UK - Groom Detail

Shoes – can you spot the designer?

Wedding photographers UK - Shoes

Jono with Mum & Dad.

Wedding photographers UK - Groom and Parents

Sian lit by the window light.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride getting ready

The couple and guests travelled to Siena for the wedding itself.  We absolutely love this image of Sian taking deep breaths in the moment before walking down the aisle with her sister.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and bridesmaid

Fast-forward to confetti outside the Town Hall doors.

Wedding photographers UK - Confetti

This was actually taken back at Il Borro in the brief period before the guests arrived back from Siena (the advantage of a fast limo!)

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Groom

Just check this out for a dinner setting!  Candle-lit tables on the terrace area over-looking the gardens below.

Wedding photographers UK - Il Borro

When we finally finished, the party was in full-swing – due mostly to the surprise of the day for the guests – an Abba tribute act; both of the girls were original Bjorn Again members & they were fantastic!  Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome.  J&S: Hope you had a great time around the Lakes & on ‘that’ train – we’re very jealous!  There are loads of great images to come – this is a very small peek of a really beautiful day ;)

The following morning we began our drive up to Lake Como for Rick & Lucy’s wedding in Lenno.  Back soon – Andy!

Wedding photographer: St Peter’s Church, Swinton & Tatton Park, Cheshire, UK: Neil & Stephanie

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at St Peter’s Church, Swinton & Tatton Park, Cheshire, UK for the wedding of Neil & Stephanie.

Neil & Stephanie were married on the 15th August at St Peters Church in Swinton.  The rain seemed to hold off at just the right moments and in fact, was lovely by the time we had all travelled to Tatton Park, nr Knutsford for the reception.  It was an incredibly lavish affair for their 230 guests to enjoy: 10 bridesmaids, 11 ushers, a 5 ft cake, Amy Winehouse Tribute and a couple of surprises (!) made for a fabulous ‘celebrity-style’ wedding that we loved every minute of photographing.  It was also great to catch up with David and Jenny who’s wedding we photographed at Mottram Hall in 2007.

Dresses, shoes and accessories for Stephanie and the 10 bridesmaids were all laid out beautifully in the dining room – it looked like a wedding show room!

Wedding photographers UK - Dresses Hanging

Stunning bride.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride

Neil checking on the last-minute details whilst at the Church.

Wedding photographers UK - Groom


Wedding photographers UK - Ceremony

‘Just-married’ – taken in the church doorway.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Groom

A group-shot of 230 people was made easy with help from the wonderful Toastmaster for the day, Peter Aust. Andy shot it from a balcony above whilst this was my view from ground-level.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride, Groom and Guests

Tatton Park is an incredible wedding venue especially for a larger wedding.

Wedding photographers UK - Guests at Tatton Hall

Just on their way to dinner.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride & Groom

Incredible atmosphere during the meal & some of the most-talented waiters we’ve come across.

Wedding photographers UK - Guests

Amy Winehouse – it certainly looked & sounded like her anyway ;)

Wedding photographers UK - Amy Winehouse

It was a lovely day – we really enjoyed ourselves and working with Adrian & Colin (Videographers) again was a pleasure.  Thanks also to Peter (Toastmaster) for his help – it makes a big difference with such large weddings.

We have to once more say a big thank you to the Church for allowing us to photograph during the ceremony.  In the UK (it never happens in Italy!) it’s so often the case that registrars or priests/vicars don’t allow us to do anything at all – despite the couples’ wishes, and they end up with a wedding album which contains everything except the actual wedding.  We’re completely aware that photographers are their own worst enemies and in the past we’ve heard horror stories about their conduct during ceremonies.  We’re very aware of the distraction we can cause and so we never use flash inside the church and we don’t move around (unless it can be done unseen by anyone – which is very rare!)  We also try and limit to the minimum the number of images we take i.e. just enough to tell the story and capture the important moments – but without firing away like machine-gunners :)  If only all photographers would just behave themselves, none of us would have a problem!

We’re still a few weddings behind – mostly because of all the travelling we do across Europe.  We’ve photographed another four since Neil & Stephanie’s but we like to give each couple a while at the top of the blog so if you don’t see your wedding here yet – don’t worry, it’s on its way.  Next up – Jono & Sian in Tuscany! – Andy