Wedding: Claudio & Helen – All Saints Church, Clifton & Tewin Bury Farm

Claudio and Helen were married on the 14th August at All Saints Church in the pretty village of Clifton in Bedfordshire.  Helen had been brought up in the village which ensured her celebrity status as she travelled with the car ‘top-down’ to the picturesque village church.  Being half-Italian, Claudio was cool and unflappable – that is, until his Dad got lost on his way to the church and arrived just in the nick of time, a minute or so before Helen!

It was a half-hour journey to the reception venue, Tewin Bury Farm and a beautiful converted barn set the seen for the wedding breakfast and an awful lot of laughs and banter throughout the speeches.  A real fun, lighthearted day was had by all and we got to catch up with Tom & Katharine whose wedding we had photographed just 3 weeks before in Northamptonshire.

Claudio; a very chilled-out groom.

Wedding photographers UK - Groom

A glimpse of his stunning wife-to-be.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride

I absolutely love this shot; a lovely, lovely wedding day moment.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride, Mum, Dad

Helen’s last few moments as a single lady.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Dad

Beautiful church.

Wedding photographers UK - Ceremony


Wedding photographers UK - Groom

Claudio and Helen didn’t stop smiling all day long.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Groom

Tewin Bury Farm and the converted barn.

Wedding photographers UK - Reception Room

Great shot Andy!  We don’t always have the ‘right’ place to do these kinds of shots, but we love to do them whenever we can.

Wedding photographers UK - Groom, Best Man and Ushers

Thanks for a great day folks!  Today is the wedding of Rick & Lucy at the Lido di Lenno on Lake Como so we’re off to get ourselves ready.  Neil & Stephanie; thanks for your patience – your bLOG post will be next :-)

Wedding: Chris & Liz – Davenport Green Hall, Cheshire

Chris & Liz were married on the 8th August at St Mary’s Church in Bowdon, Cheshire. The weather was beautiful and Liz was one of the most excited Brides I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Not a nerve in site, she had the biggest smile on her face all day and couldn’t hide her excitement!

The reception was held at the Davenport Green Hall in Hale, Cheshire. A lovely venue that brings traditional and modern together wonderfully. Here’s a sneaky-peak:

A very handsome Groom:

Wedding photographers UK - Groom

The dress took some fastening (well done Mum!) but it was all worth it.

Wedding photographers UK - Dress Detail

Liz couldn’t contain her excitement – she smiled to just about every single guest as her and Dad made their way up the aisle.

Wedding photographers UK - Dad and Bride walking up aisle

Love this confetti shot.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Groom confetti

Top-down, they travelled in style.

Wedding photographers UK - Wedding Car

Mum’s reaction in this shot is classic!

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Groom with Mum

Love this!

Wedding photographers UK - Bride and Groom

Andy’s trousers were filthly by the time he’d photographed this – lying on the grass.

Wedding photographers UK - Bride

Our ‘back-up plan’ (photographers) were working hard too!

Wedding photographers UK - Guests

Thanks for a great day folks. The full set of images shouldn’t be too long now. Stand-by Claudio & Helen :-) – Amy.

Wedding photographer: Siena Town Hall & Villa Vistarenni, Tuscany, Italy: Andrew & Kaatje

Amy was the wedding photographer at Siena Town Hall & Villa Vistarenni, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Andrew & Kaatje.

Andrew & Kaatje were married on the 31st July at Siena Town Hall. It was, without doubt, the most relaxed I have ever seen a Bride and Groom on their wedding day. They got ready together, travelled together to Siena and entered the ceremony room together. Kaatje even had an ice-cream before the ceremony! (It was lemon-flavoured though to match the dress – just in case!)

We have photographed at Siena Town Hall many times and I still believe that it’s a photographers dream room; beautiful, rich light – evident in one of the images below.

The couple had rented Villa Vistarenni near to Radda in Chianti for the week which is where they got ready and held their evening reception. The 360 degree views of Tuscany stunned the guests as the sun went down over the olive groves. The day was rounded off perfectly by our great friends Marco Marconi on piano accompanied by his quintet, including his wife Sally Ann on vocals – brilliant.

Andrew & Kaatje’s beautiful baby girl, Matilda, gets dressed up for the occasion.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Daughter

Kaatje and her Mum; a lovely moment after Mum had just ‘zipped her in.’

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Mum

Stunning. I LOVED Kaatje’s short dress – gorgeous!

Wedding photographers Italy - Dress and Shoes

Pre-ceremony and no nerves to speak of.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom, Siena Town Hall

Here’s what I’m talking about! Siena Town Hall’s exquisite light.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom, Siena Town Hall

Confetti, rice, pigeons – everything went up!

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom, confetti

One of my all-time faves.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom, Siena

Villa Vistarenni, Radda in Chianti.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom with guests

Mum and daughter having a quiet moment together.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Daughter

Party time!

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride and Groom dancing

Thanks for a great day folks. I know you’re desperate for the rest of your images – I promise, I’m working as quickly as I can but we do have a bit of a back-log. I hope that these are enough to whet your appetite and that it will be worth the wait in the end. Chris & Liz – you’re up next! – Amy.

Wedding photographer: Villa del Balbianello, Lenno, Lake Como, Italy: Connor & Sarah

Amy was the Wedding Photographer at Villa del Balbianello, Lenno, Lake Como, Italy for the wedding of Connor & Sarah.

Connor & Sarah were married on the 27th July at the beautiful Sant’Abbondio Church in Mezzegra on the western shore of Lake Como. The church sits above the small town giving stunning views over the Lake. After the ceremony they hopped onto a speedboat to Villa Balbianello where their wedding reception took place. Villa Balbianello really is a special place; rarely have I been to such an immaculate venue, there wasn’t a blade of glass or ivy leaf out of place! Villa Balbianello is described as ‘one of the world’s most stunning villas’ all over the internet. I bet you want to see some images!

I found it difficult to point my camera in the wrong direction! Sarah, outside of the villa that she got ready at, just about to leave for church.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

A lovely shot with Dad; Mum making last minute adjustments in the background.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

Both families being from Scotland meant that almost all of the male guests were dressed in kilts – very handsome! Here’s Connor taking his last couple of deep breaths.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

We love reflections! (Thanks to the lady in the blue dress – it really makes this one work!)

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

Connor & Sarah travel in style to their exquisite reception venue; Villa Balbianello in the background.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

Stood at the exact spot where Connor had proposed the year before; how very romantic!

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

Grandad was kilt-clad too; he smiled all day long.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

A lovely moment of the two of them.

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

I love the concentration on the faces of these little girls. I think the little one in the middle will be asking Father Christmas for a DS this year!

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

A wander around the villa made for some beautiful photographs – there are so many more crackers to come folks!

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom

We are lucky enough to be photographing at Villa Balbianello again next year for the wedding of Karl & Sarah-Louise – we can’t wait to go back already!

Since the wedding of Connor & Sarah, we have photographed another 4 weddings. Andrew & Kaatje: your images will be up next, I know you’re desperate! Thank you all for patience folks; we’re working hard to get back on track – it’ll be worth the wait! – Amy

Wedding photographer: Holdenby House, Northamptonshire, UK: Tom & Katharine

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Holdenby House, Northamptonshire, UK for the wedding of Tom & Katharine.

Tom & Katharine were married at Holdenby House on 25th July.  Tom was ‘best-man’ at a wedding we’d photographed previously (Andy & Vicki) and it was great to catch up with them both and with Vicki’s parents.  We’ve seen a lot of this particular group of family & friends over the last couple of years :)

The weather was perfect, allowing everyone to make the most of the beautiful surroundings. Let’s see some images:

Tom – not actually that long before the ceremony, but always relaxed.

Wedding photographers UK - Groom

Vera Wang makes an appearance.
Wedding photographers UK - Dress

A hilarious moment upstairs – a joke about walking backwards apparently ;)
Wedding photographers UK - Bride, Mum & Bridesmaids

Wedding photographers UK - Bride

We both love the ‘feel’ of this image of Tom, Katharine and their witnesses.
Wedding photographers UK - Bride, Groom & Witnesses

Love this one of Amy’s – great reactions from everyone.
Wedding photographers UK - Bride, Groom, family & friends

We’ve seen some amazing cakes over the years – this is a close-up of one of the best!
Wedding photographers UK - Wedding Cake

Holdenby is one of those venues which would be great even on a wet day. Plenty of beautiful spaces with great light for us!
Wedding photographers UK - Bride & Groom, Holdenby House

Table detail.
Wedding photographers UK - Table detail

Hilarity during the speeches.
Wedding photographers UK - speeches

Guests enjoying the lovely weather outside on the lawn at Holdenby House.
Wedding photographers UK - Guests, Holdenby House

I’ve really enjoyed re-living the day looking back at the images whilst choosing some for the blog. It’ll be a really beautiful album! A big thanks to the staff at Holdenby, the caterers who looked after us so thoughtfully & to Peter who was Master of Ceremonies. (I’ll update this with everyones’ details later.)

Check back soon for Sarah & Connor’s highlights from Lenno in Lake Como. – Andy