Some Favourites

Since our gallery images are always in a landscape format on our site, we end up with a stack of vertical-orientated images that we don’t get to ‘show-off.’ I have dug out just a handful of my favourites from last year that haven’t been displayed on the site before. The first three photographs are from Italy weddings. The final one was taken at Mottram Hall in Cheshire.

Andy is so laid-back when he arrives to photograph a groom who, more times than not, would prefer really not to be having his photograph taken. He often puts his camera down and chats for a while first, making the guys feel at ease. If they’re happy to also have some ‘loosely-posed portraits’ he often falls back on his standard phrase of ‘just loaf over there for a minute’. It regularly leads to wonderful results! How cool does Mark look in this shot?

I can lose myself in this next image; I look into it and feel like I’m on that street staring at this gorgeous couple who are so oblivious to everything else around them. We were just following Dan & Sheila to a nearby Church that Dan & Sheila loved when I grabbed this.

Susan was an absolute joy to photograph all day long. Natural or posed she just looked gorgeous. Some brides hate the thought of posing for a camera but on a wedding day it can be a risk just hoping that the photographer is standing is the perfect place, that the light is falling perfectly, that the background is right, that the expression is right and that the dress is falling perfectly. A few minutes to create some images can produce beautiful photographs without feeling uncomfortable.

Last for now, probably my favourite image of last year. I love images that tell a story but this one is an epic – in my opinion :) To me, the beautiful bridesmaid’s face reads ‘one day that will be me’. Not only to be a bride but to become a beautiful woman. The image has many layers including the reflection in the mirror and the reflection in the wardrobe and the colours and rich and warm. I LOVE this photograph captured without any direction at all.

More to come soon! – Amy