Wedding photographer: Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy: James & Hayley

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy for the wedding of James & Hayley.

Do we or do we not have just about the best job in the world? From the beautiful Hassler Hotel in Rome up to the breath-taking scenery of Lake Garda and, in particular, the stunning town of Malcesine.

James and Hayley travelled from their home in Dubai to marry at this magical spot on Monday along with around 70 of their friends and family from the UK. There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe the setting for their wedding in Malcesine Castle, which dominates the town and sits on the edge of Lake Garda. The ceremony took place on an open-air terrace with some of the best views of Lake Garda – a wedding photographers’ dream. After the ceremony, the couple were taken in a fab little tuk-tuk to the waters edge. Guests strolled through the beautiful streets to join them there for aperitifs and canapes. The reception took place at ‘La Vecchia Malcesine’ – a restaurant which is featured in many of the good food guides including this year’s Michelin Guide. James and Hayley are so fun-loving, they laughed all day and partied the night away to a great live band. Thanks for a great day folks!

Where to start with some images – we’ve got sooooo many lovely shots, here’s just a tiny selection:

Bridesmaids on the terrace sporting their new parasols.

Move over Brad Pitt, make space for James!

Hayley on the terrace of her suite – now that’s what I call a room with a view!

The narrow, colourful streets of Malcesine.

Hayley and her dad just before walking down the aisle.

The setting for the wedding ceremony on Malcesine Castle’s terrace.

A lovely moment during the ceremony.

Just married! Love the wide angle and lens flare on this.

In beautiful light, one of the guests enjoying the lake-side setting.

James and Hayley arriving at La Vecchia Malcesine.

Hayley’s Dad’s speech was hilarious, although there were a few tears shed too.

Breath-taking! Thanks folks for making us feel so special even though it was your big day! Thanks also must go to Pam from Lake Garda Weddings who did a wonderful job of keeping everything on schedule and the guests informed of what was happening & when.

Wedding photographer: The Caracalla & The Hassler, Rome, Italy: Gareth & Alisa

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at The Caracalla & The Hassler, Rome, Italy for the wedding of Gareth & Alisa.

We’ve been chatting recently with other photographers about ‘pinch yourself’ venues. Gareth & Alisa were married on the 08/08/08 in Rome and had their reception at one of those such places – The Hassler Hotel. Their guests were treated to an ‘experience’ from start to finish. After the civil wedding in the Caracalla (one of Rome’s wedding halls) they made their way back to the Hassler Hotel which overlooks the Spanish Steps in the city centre.

The Hassler is simply stunning. Lunch-time drinks in the garden courtyard were followed by the wedding meal in the Imago restaurant situated on the hotel’s 6th floor. It was booked exclusively for the wedding and with panoramic windows and incredible views of the city you’d have thought it would be hard to top! Well top it they did! Gareth & Alisa had the Presidential Suite booked for the night (it was where Tom Cruise & Katie stayed in the week before their own wedding.) As dusk approached, the guests caught the lifts up to the apartment’s private terrace for the evening celebrations. Much drinking & dancing followed & the party was in full swing when we finally left to make our way home – buzzing from the experience :) On with some images!!

Red soles!

Both Gareth & Alisa got ready (separately) in another stunning 5-star Hotel – The Grand Plaza. This is just one part of the beautiful staircase with its stained-glass window.

You won’t meet a more laid-back groom.

One of the peculiarities of the Caracalla Wedding Hall – the Bride & Groom exit via a small door on the side of the building.

Some of the kids, who were all wonderfully-behaved all day long, during the lunch-time drinks in the Hassler’s garden courtyard.

Young Mark was one of the bestmen. He did a great speech & helped us out all day long. Here he is with his proud Mum :)

The Imago restaurant. What an incredible setting. It was great to see the surprise on the guests faces as their lift doors opened here on the 6th floor. This image was taken during Gareth’s speech.

Although it was blisteringly hot, we went for a short walk out onto the Spanish Steps.

Inside the Presidential suite. This is the dining area. You can see Gareth & Alisa’s daughter ‘Amy’ by the reflective door to the bedroom.

Finally, not the terrace but a view from the terrace to illustrate the spectacular location.

G&A: Thanks for looking after us on the day folks, we are still buzzing from the experience of it all. You certainly achieved your goal to give your friends & family an experience to remember.

Gaz and Anna: St Agnes, Cornwall

It’s my turn to write the blog post this time as our wedding last Friday was a little different; we were there as guests! Gaz has been one of my best friends for over 10 years, since we met at university. He married Anna in St Agnes, Cornwall and had the reception in a fabulous marquee overlooking a very stormy sea.  We really enjoyed our day as guests – the first time that we have done so at a wedding in over 3 years! It was great to catch up with old friends and dance the night away.

We had promised Gaz and Anna a half hour shoot at some point during the day and so after the ceremony we followed them to one of their favourite old picnic spots at a local mine. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind and we had to work quickly as a heavy shower approached, but the stormy skies made for a great backdrop as you can see from this shot:

And clearly the weather didn’t dampen their spirits :)

Thanks to you both for a wonderful day – we’ll talk to you when you’re back from Italy!

Amy (& Andy) x

Wedding photographer: St George & St Martin’s Church, Birches Head & The Upper House, Barlaston, Staffordshire, UK: James & Rebecca

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at St George & St Martin’s Church, Birches Head & The Upper House, Barlaston, Staffordshire, UK for the wedding of James & Rebecca.

Sorry this has taken a while to update – it’s not always easy to update the blog when we’re travelling for weddings. We’re back in Italy now and catching up with a mountain of email & processing. Ahh the life of wedding photographers ;)

James & Rebecca were married on 25th July at St George & St Martin’s Roman Catholic Church in Birches Head, Stoke-on-Trent by the friendliest Priest in the UK! After the ceremony they made their way with their guests to the former Wedgewood residence of ‘The Upper House’ near Barlaston. The weather was extremely kind and this allowed the guests to enjoy the wonderful outdoor setting there, both before and after their meal.

Lets check out some of the images:

Sometimes these shots just work. This is ‘out of camera’ with the exception of a tiny contrast adjustment. The catch-lights just bring her eyes alive.

“I love my bracelet!”

Since the ties took so long for the boys to figure out, I decided to focus my attention on the cufflinks ;) (You had to be there!)

I don’t know what it is about this image that I like, but it just jumps out at me – particularly the large version. It’s an unusual angle for us since normally we would have avoided the pillar but the light is lovely.

Occasionally we’re asked to re-create a shot that the couple have seen before. Here goes…

The videographer was doing something with James & Rebecca in the bushes (ahem!) when Amy captured this candid. It almost looks setup.

James grabbed something and this was the reaction!

The lovely lady herself.

We’ve a lot of images to work through now and process as the travelling has put us a little behind schedule. Check back in a day or two for a couple of shots from Gareth & Anna’s wedding in Cornwall.
– Andy