Wedding photographer: The Pantheon & Casina di Macchia Madama, Rome, Italy: Leo & Korie

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at The Pantheon & Casina di Macchia Madama, Rome, Italy for the wedding of Leo & Korie.

There are a few buildings in the world that are simply awe-inspiring. The Pantheon is one of them. Leo & Korie were fortunate enough to be able to marry in the Pantheon on Friday in a beautiful ceremony. It was one of those ‘pinch yourself’ events which happen so rarely in your lifetime. I felt especially privileged since this is also my favourite building in the world & to have exclusive use of it whilst crowds of hundreds, possibly thousands were held back outside by barriers.

Afterwards, the families & guests were transported to the gorgeous Casina di Macchia Madama Villa, close to the Olympic Stadium for the reception whilst we took a small detour to the Trevi Fountain for a few extra shots.

On with some images!

The Pantheon taken from Korie’s hotel room window.

Leo, his father, brother & groomsmen on their way!

Colours, textures, architecture – pure Italy in my opinion (oh, & the groom of course!)

The dress goes on

Because we’ve so many images to select from still, we’ve skipped some in the timeline to get to a shot showing the incredible setting for the ceremony. Leo & Korie are at the altar here, the photograph shows wonderfully, the scale and beauty of this building.

A moment during the ceremony. Priests don’t get any more helpful than this. A refreshing change from the attitude of some we’ve encountered in the UK previously.

Just after the ceremony & we had some time for photographs as the public were re-admitted. The staff were wonderful in keeping crowds back behind us until we were done.

Amy is down in the crowds there somewhere – ready for confetti. I’m following – you can get a real feel for the atmosphere here.

By the Trevi Fountain. We did photograph by the fountain as well, but this is just a little different ;)

Fun back at Casina di Macchia Madama.

Darkness approaching rapidly. The Italian Cup Final was being played in the nearby Olympic Stadium during this period. Every now and then you could hear huge cheers when either team scored. It just added to the amazing atmosphere.

One of many lovely captures during the dances.

A lovely, lovely couple & a perfect day. Thank you to everyone for their hospitality! – Andy

Wedding photographer: Villa Artimino, Florence, Tuscany, Italy: Alan & Fiona

Andy & Amy were wedding photographers at Villa Artimino, Florence, Tuscan, Italy for the wedding of Alan & Fiona.

Monday & the occasion was Alan & Fiona’s wedding in Artimino near Florence. The villa is probably one of Italy’s grandest – a huge, imposing building on a hillside of olive groves & vineyards and noticeable for its many chimneys. The afternoon of the wedding began with a heavy thunderstorm but once that had cleared it left the air beautifully fresh and revealed the stunning setting for this predominantly-Irish wedding.

It was a very emotional day for a variety of reasons; however, Fiona & Alan were so easy-going, we had time to ‘create’ some images in addition to just capturing what was happening – some of which you’ll see below.

Our day finished with a fireworks display & I headed down into the village of Artimino to photograph from there. We haven’t got remotely close to processing everything yet but here’s a good idea of what to expect :) We’ve also got to say a big “thank you” to Hannah, the lovely young bridesmaid who did such a great job holding our video light!

On with the images:

We had sat in the car waiting for the torrential rain to ease before quickly taking this photograph of the beautiful villa.

Alan not looking as nervous as he was feeling!

Alan & his Dad – one of my particular favourites.

Jimmy Choo makes an appearance!

It’s not often you get such happy-looking images of the youngsters.

A gorgeous image of Fiona.

Here comes the Bride!

A relaxed moment after the ceremony.

Speech time – note: great speech by the Bride as well btw!

Alan & Fiona watching the fireworks from the steps of the Villa.

Thanks folks for a really enjoyable day. Enjoy the honeymoon & we’ll speak to you soon :)

Wedding photographer: Villa San Filippo, Tuscany, Italy: Carl & Amanda

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Villa San Filippo, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Carl & Amanda.

The weather has been a little unpredictable in Tuscany recently & it was no different for Carl & Amanda’s big day at Villa San Filippo near Barberino Val d’Elsa. A shower during the early part of the afternoon caused a dilemma with the ‘indoors/outdoors’ ceremony but it brightened up soon after and the beautiful outdoor setting was chosen.

Carl & Amanda were wonderful to photograph and their friends & families also helped to make the day as enjoyable for us as it was for them!

There are loads & loads of great images to share – here are just a few:

The setting for the ceremony.

Amanda with her shoes…

Carl doesn’t take a bad photo either!

I really love this one of Amanda just a few moments before walking out for the ceremony.

A lovely moment during the ceremony


You’ll get an idea of the setting with the Tuscan background here.

There’s a story behind this but I think only the Bestman, Ushers & Bridesmaid can tell it.

Beautiful, beautiful flowers, decorations & lights everywhere. This was one of the displays hanging over the terrace tables not long after sunset – yup, it gets dark very quickly here!

Finally, a romantic moment on the terrace.

Great people, lovely venue in stunning countryside – tough job this eh? :)