Annual 16×20 Print Competition

Well, what a weekend! We’re really chuffed to announce that one of our images has won the Annual 16″ x 20″ Print Competition sponsored by SWPP/BPPA. From over 500 entries in 5 categories, first of all it won the Wedding category for best image. The international panel of judges then argued over which of the winning 5 should be awarded the Overall Winner… and you guessed it!! We’re truly blown-away by it all. A lot of effort goes into entering an image into this competition as it has to be printed perfectly and then displayed accordingly – in our case similarly to how we present our Art Prints: behind an antique-white mat.

Amy put a lot of time into prepping it & getting it to London in one piece and she only entered this one image. Now it’s won awards on both sides of the Atlantic in the space of a few months. I can’t resist posting it again – unfortunately, you don’t see the detail that the judges were able to see in the print but it’s still pretty good eh :) – Andy

More exciting news :)

There’s some really exciting news on the way & we wish we could have been in London last night at the Awards’ Ceremony (hint!) Once everything is properly confirmed, I’ll write it up here. Stay tuned! -Andy

Wedding Planners & commissions!

This post is slightly coincidental as we’ve just had a brief discussion with a wedding planner but the truth is that I wrote it months ago and never got round to posting it.

Several months ago, we wrote to all of the wedding planners that we’ve worked with in the past to confirm that we would not be paying commissions for clients ‘sent’ our way. We’ve said before that we really want to work for clients who love what we do. However, when some wedding planners point you in the direction of a photographer, caterer etc., are they doing so with your best interests at heart? Honestly? Or, are they encouraging you to book vendors who pay them the most in commission? If I was organizing my wedding with the help of a planner, I’d honestly hope that they were doing the best for me – not themselves.

If we’re recommended to you by a wedding planner, you can rest assured that they’re doing so because they believe that we’re great for you. There are no ‘back-handers’ or dodgy deals being done behind your back. As we explained to our planners: we have relationships with our clients that last years – they don’t just terminate the day after the wedding & we feel completely uncomfortable with the ‘commission’ way of doing things. The wedding planners that we use are professionals who charge fairly and up-front for their services – and so do we :)

You may wonder why some wedding planners don’t have us on their books. Now you know why this may be the case.

In the UK, this ‘commission’ system also sometimes extends to venues. Ever wondered why a venue is so keen to recommend a certain photographer? Guess what? It’s not always because they genuinely think they’re great!

Conversely, we’re often asked by clients to recommend other vendors: videographers, hair & make-up, DJs etc. The same applies – we do so because either we love what they do or because our previous clients thought highly of them – we don’t have a financial incentive for doing so.
– Andy

Web updates

I’ve just made a few small alterations to the website today which include a new ‘eco’ menu item.  I had to go and work out how to draw a tree with my Wacom graphics tablet, which took an age – but I reckon it’s turned-out pretty good.  We’re not trying to save the world on our own but we are trying to do substantially more than we ever used to!  Anyway, check out the new page here – what do you think? – Andy

1st Place – Wedding Photojournalism

Amy’s 1st Place award from WPPI (mentioned here previously) has been confirmed and published in WPPI’s Newsletter. We’re still waiting for them to update the ‘previous’ winners page but since it has already been published in the Newsletter, we’re happy to show the image concerned. Here it is – from Matthew & Denise’s beautiful wedding in Rome. The print (which is what the judges see) has so much more detail than you could ever make out on here.