Back in Barcelona

It was around a year ago that we were last in Barcelona – that time for Lee & Kate’s wedding. This time we travelled out for Carl & Suzie’s big day. As usual where flights or long distances are involved, we flew out 2 days before the wedding to allow for delays, strikes etc; however, everything went to plan and we arrived with a day in hand so we ventured out into this beautiful city on Saturday for some sight-seeing. Despite our love of all things Italian (and obvious bias), Barcelona is actually my favourite of all the cities I’ve ever visited.

If you’ve never been, plan a long weekend there at least and drop us a line to let us know you’re going – we have a few tips! Here’s a glimpse of a Saturday in July in Barcelona:

It’s a city of wonderful balconies (and umbrellas in this case!)

A huge choice of blended 100% fruit drinks for no more than €1.50 from the amazing market just off Las Ramblas

Yachts in the marina

For a city break with a difference (and for a breather from the built-up areas), take your bikini (or trunks!) and visit the beaches (or at the very least the beach cafes)

We’re playing ‘catch-up’ with the wedding processing now, having shot so many in a relatively short period and allowing for all of the travel that’s been necessary. Check back tomorrow for some ‘sneak-peeks’ from Carl & Suzie’s wedding in a quite unique venue! -Andy

Simon & Lucy

It was Simon & Lucy’s turn to walk down the aisle on Saturday. Despite the vicar being extremely ‘anti-photography’ (“NO photos allowed whatsoever during the ceremony”) we snapped a couple on the way in and out of church. Afterwards, it was back to a marquee in Phil & Jess’s garden. Lucy looked gorgeous and Simon, despite not being keen on the camera initially, was soon coming up with ideas of his own ;) A big thanks to Phil & Jess for looking after us so considerately & also for allowing us to use their house for some photographs. Here we go with a few from the day:

Doing up these dresses is an art form!

Lovely Lucy in a downstairs room – looks like a studio!

Great bunch of girls! Love the contrast in dress colours combined with the softness of the light in here.

Lucy & Dad just about to enter the church.

A definite ‘brolly’ day. Lucy & Simon arriving for the reception.

I’m still ‘playing’ with motion :)

Simon was convinced we wouldn’t get anything of him that he liked. Maybe this one? :)

That’s it! We’re just gathering ourselves together to travel to Barcelona this weekend for Carl & Suzie’s wedding. See you soon – Andy

Come in Pamela Knowles – your time is up!

Pamela is one of our self-confessed blog-stalkers. On Friday, after what must have been an eternity planning, she finally married Michael and became Mrs Meadows. The vicar at St Nicholas’ church in Blundellsands was wonderful & appreciative of how important the photography & video was to the couple (the organist even had Amy stood on his stool for most of the ceremony!) Heavy rain all day long completely failed to make any impact on the party-like celebrations afterwards at Formby Golf & Country Club and the sight of the guests singing and standing on chairs between the meal courses was something we’ve never seen before – amazing atmosphere!

Before I forget, a quick mention must go to Paul & Graham (forgive me if I spelt the name wrong!) from Tudor Video Productions – they were real gentlemen and we didn’t even notice they were there most of the day. Also, the ‘singer’ – Marcus Keith, who provided the entertainment and got everyone partying during the meal.

Here are a few glimpses into Michael & Pamela’s day:

On with the war-paint!

Michael got ready at his parent’s – great light here in the sitting room.

Very Audrey Hepburn – beautiful.

Pamela & her Dad make their entrance.

Dancing during the meal :)

Wonderful moment during the speeches.

Whoever said a rainy day spoils the photographs?!

Thanks Pamela & Michael for a great day – hope you like these – lots more to come! – Andy

Ronan & Yue Mei

There weren’t any of the usual British weather concerns for Ronan & Yue Mei’s wedding near Siena on Monday – instead the main concern was the heat! With Italy currently experiencing something of a ‘heatwave’ and the mid-afternoon temperature approaching 40C a quick decision was made to put the ceremony back an hour to 6pm – and a good decision it was :) Everything went perfectly to plan thanks to Monica and the Wedding With A View team, and the setting for the evening meal in particular, will remain with me for a very very long time.

Yue Mei looked absolutely stunning (& Ronan scrubbed up pretty well also ;) ) Many congratulations folks – may we also say that you’re both extremely lucky to have such amazing families. Thanks also to Maurizio who did the videography – a real gentleman and a pleasure to work with.

Here’s a few images of the day:

Yue Mei getting the lipstick treatment!

Love this shot of Ronan – straight out of camera.

How gorgeous?!

We made use of the chapel’s shaded front for the formals – a welcome break from the sun – even at 8pm!

Simply beautiful – great shot Amy!

Love the strong, golden evening light which makes the Villa bright orange. I was playing a bit with motion (I think they thought I was mad!)

How about this for your evening reception venue?

It was worth taking the tripod with us for this shot alone.

Hope you like them folks – have a great honeymoon – there are LOTS more where they came from! – Andy

We bought a field (& house!)

After months & months of waiting, we have finally completed on our house purchase in Umbria. The house is a complete renovation project but the location it’s in is absolutely amazing. We also own the 10 acres of hillside around it so I guess we won’t be having anyone build on our doorstep in future either :) Here’s a quick snap taken from the hillside above ours looking across to our property. The redline marks the boundary of the land although I’ve guessed where the line is dotted as the boundary is hidden beneath trees. You can’t see the final third of the field – it stretches out to the far red line – but slopes away from the camera which is why it’s hidden (if that makes sense!) The house is under a big arrow surrounded by overgrown trees & bushes. I’ve linked the image below to a slightly bigger one if you want a closer look.

Bed for us now – it’s Ronan & Yue Mei’s wedding tomorrow near Siena – it’s gonna be VERY warm!