Phil & Jen and a wedding in the garden!

Yup, you’ve read that right :) Jen has always dreamed of getting married in her parents’ back garden. With the legalities taken care of in a low-key way during the morning, Phil & Jen were free to concentrate on the real wedding that afternoon. Paul & Jackie handed over their house & garden to a variety of vendors who erected a marquee, cooked a delicious lamb & hog roast meal and set-up a bar. We’ve never photographed anything like this before and, although a challenge in some respects, it was fantastic fun. Let’s have a look at some of what we’ve taken:

A perfect example of just what you can achieve in a back garden. It really was beautifully done.

Phil – not quite ready but obviously very relaxed.

Quiff, one of two Bestmen has a go at the bow tie ;)

“Is this supposed to do this?”

The lovely Jen! If getting married in your own home made every Bride as relaxed as Jen was, then we think everyone should do it.

The ladies. It was great to see so many familiar faces at this wedding – more of that at the end ;)

Phil & brother/Bestman Paul – who did a hilarious speech.

Amy went looking for the happy couple – who’d wondered off in the wrong direction & caught this lovely moment.

Just one of the reactions during the speeches.

Towards the end of the daytime celebrations.

During the evening, a live band played and there was much dancing & partying not forgetting the unforgettable 1st dance (You had to be there!)

Earlier I mentioned how it was great to see so many familiar faces. The reason is that we photographed Jen’s sister Vicki & husband Andy’s wedding last year. Next year we’re photographing Andy’s Bestman when he ties the knot with Katharine & then a friend of Katharine’s (Helen) just a couple of weeks after that! I think we’re going to have to re-invent ourselves!

To finish, we really have to say a huge thanks to Paul & Jackie for looking after us on Saturday. We really appreciated the hospitality as well as Paul’s talents with a ‘grinder!!’ That’s a story for another post – stay tuned :) – Andy

Wedding photographer: Statham Lodge, Warrington, Cheshire, UK: Nick & Cate

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Statham Lodge, Warrington, Cheshire, UK for the wedding of Nick & Cate.

After a couple more days away from home photographing another wedding, we’re back and trying to catch up once more.

Nick & Cate are a great fun couple, always laughing & joking and easy to photograph. They’d chosen Statham Lodge as their wedding venue & it’s somewhere well-known to us. Fortunately, it’s one of those venues that also has a few options for wet weather as far as we’re concerned (although I know other photographers who disagree) although I got drenched shooting the family formals in particularly heavy rain :) Here’s a selection of images from their day.

Nick with Mum & Dad (Sue & Pete)

The Bridesmaids – Amy suggested a shot before they put their shoes on.

A lovely image of Cate. She was dressed nice and early giving Amy plenty of time to create some gorgeous images. It’s something we try to encourage since it not only gives us an opportunity to work some magic, but also it gives the bride some insurance time to fix anything that’s not absolutely perfect.

A laughing moment during the ceremony.

The boys!

An image making use of some window light & yes, that is a pink wedding dress – stunning!

Every face says something different – but Pete’s is a picture :)

Early evening, after the rain!

Nick’s brother Chris & his wife Amy were married 2 years ago and we also photographed their wedding. How their lives have changed with the birth recently of their daughter Evy – peacefully sleeping here.

That’s it for now – check back soon for images from Paddy & Annabel’s wedding in Orvieto! – Andy

Wedding photographer: Whitmore, Staffordshire & Hadley Park House, Shropshire: Chris & Lisa

Chris & Lisa were married last Friday in the gorgeous, tiny church in Whitmore opposite the beautiful Hall. Afterwards, everyone travelled to the outskirts of Telford for the reception at Hadley Park House. For the last three years, we’ve photographed a wedding in this area around this weekend & it was great to catch up with both of the previous couples – who were guests of Chris & Lisa. Such is the power of recommendations – a fourth couple who are also part of this ‘circle of friends’ get married in July and we’re photographing their wedding also :)

OK, here are some images. Firstly, Whitmore Church.

Lisa makes her entrance – just before leaving home for the church.

Lisa was a previous bridesmaid and was obviously completely used to us. It really can make a difference to the photographs when your clients have this trust. Here’s an early portrait of the lovely bride.

Chris at the Church.

Hugs after the ceremony.

The boys & girls! Laurie (Bridesmaid on the right) was a bride of ours 2 years ago. Her husband Dave is a jeweller and as well as providing the wedding rings for Chris & Lisa, he also made Amy’s engagement ring.

Lovely light in one of the drawing rooms at Hadley Park House.

The same room & a very ‘royal’ feel to this.

Thanks to everyone for their hospitality especially Lisa’s parents, Paul & Kate for the drinks & food during the morning. See you all again soon at James & Rebecca’s wedding! – Andy

Wedding photographer: St Mary's Church in Pulford, Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Soughton Hall, Cheshire/Flintshire, UK: Dave & Jen

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at St Mary’s Church in Pulford, Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Soughton Hall, Cheshire/Flintshire, UK for the wedding of Dave & Jen.

A UK wedding for us this week – Dave & Jen were married on Thursday at St Mary’s Church in Pulford and after some drinks & light food at nearby Grosvenor Pulford Hotel, they made their way to the gorgeous Soughton Hall for their wedding meal & evening party. Despite the early rain (which encouraged people to go inside the church a little quicker than is usual), the sun was shining by the time the service was over and we had perfect weather for the rest of the day. Once more, we had our usual problem in the UK of not being allowed to photograph inside the church – something that continues to baffle us when compared to the wonderfully welcoming nature of Italian celebrants. We made up for it though with some beautiful shots from the rest of the day, some of which are below:

A proud Dad & Jen just about ready to leave for the church.

Fran & Kate, the bridesmaids, sheltering in the church doorway from the rain.

Reflections & obviously happy to be inside the wedding car!

Dave, little brother James, the Dads, Bestman & Ushers.

We love Reflections!

Turned out pretty nice for March!

Into the brilliant sun.

The happy couple inside Soughton Hall.

I never do shots like this – don’t know what made me do it, but I really like it :)

That’s it for now. A really lovely couple, wonderful families, great weather (in the end) – oh and a special mention for John & his driver partner from Cheshire Wedding Cars. Nothing was too much trouble for them. – Andy

Wedding photographer: Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, UK: Mark & Michelle

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, UK for the wedding of Mark & Michelle.

We were back at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire on Friday for Mark & Michelle’s wedding. The deep blue sky and warm Autumn sun combined to show off the castle and grounds to their best and it was warm enough for the post-ceremony drinks and food to be had outside.

An extremely relaxed Bride, a first-time contact lens wearing Groom, nine Bridesmaids, a fairy-tale castle and the funniest Best-Man’s speech we’ve ever heard – there were plenty of stories to tell :) We’ll do that in the album, but for now, here are some glimpses of the day:

Michelle & the Bridesmaids.

Mark (& newly-inserted contact lenses)

I’d spent a while before Michelle walked down the aisle finding a decent shutter speed which would keep everyone else sharp(ish) but convey the motion of her dress. The pre-flash of the guest’s camera was a nice coincidence.

Outside and some fun with the long veil.

Michelle’s daughters – Amy & Millie

Ted (Best Man) in the middle of his epic speech.

This was taken at the same moment :)

During the First Dance bubbles appeared from the DJ area much to the delight of the youngsters.

Thank you to everyone for their hospitality – including the staff at Peckforton Castle who made sure we were looked after. Enjoy your honeymoon folks – speak to you soon! – Andy