Wedding photographer: La Sala Rossa, Borgo San Jacapo & Hotel Continentale, Florence, Tuscany, Italy: Dave & Kate

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at La Sala Rossa, Borgo San Jacapo & Hotel Continentale, Florence, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Dave & Kate.

Wow – what a beautiful and interesting day for us on Saturday in Florence (Firenze to the Italians!) Dave & Kate were married in the Town Hall in a special, historic room called the Sala Rossa. Afterwards with a slight detour to a bar in Piazza della Signoria they walked through the city and across the Ponte Vecchio to a very trendy, fashion-styled restaurant called Borgo San Jacapo. As you’ll see from the image below, it’s on the side of the river Arno with a wonderful view of the famous bridge.

After dinner, everyone made their way back across the Ponte Vecchio to the Hotel Continentale, which has a fabulous roof-top terrace (under canopy) with amazing views of the city.

It’s a really stunning city to visit and the day was paced perfectly for everyone involved. On with the images:

The dress!
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence - Wedding Dress

Kate & her father outside the Town Hall in Piazza della Signoria
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence - Bride & Father

La Sala Rossa – the stunning wedding room. We LOVE this image & can’t wait to see it in print!
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence, La Sala Rossa - ceremony

Photograph time outside :)
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence - Bride & Groom

One of many lovely images of the happy couple as they and their guests wandered through the city and over the Ponte Vecchio.
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence, Ponte Vecchio - Bride & Groom

The balcony and view of the Ponte Vecchio from the Borgo San Jacapo Restaurant.
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence,  Ponte Vecchio - Borgo San Jacapo Restaurant Balcony

Dave & Kate enjoying some time alone.
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence, Borgo San Jacapo Restaurant Balcony - Bride & Groom

Inside the Restaurant.
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence, Borgo San Jacapo Restaurant - Bride & Groom

A hilarious moment during Paul’s best-man’s speech.
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence, Borgo San Jacapo Restaurant - Speeches

The guests relaxing and enjoying food & drinks during the early evening on the Sky Lounge Terrace at Hotel Continentale. This really is a beautiful location with incredible views of the city and directly over the Ponte Vecchio.
Wedding Photographer Italy, Florence, Hotel Continentale Sky Lounge Terrace - Guests

Whew – time enough to just catch our breath again before we’re on our travels. See you next from Lake Garda! – Andy

Wedding photographer: Castello di Montegufoni, Tuscany, Italy: Stan & Silvia

Andy & Amy were wedding photographers at Castello di Montegufoni, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Stan & Silvia.

Sunday saw us in a particularly stunning part of Tuscany between San Gimignano and Firenze (Florence) at Castello di Montegufoni for Stan & Silvia’s wedding.  It’s not difficult for a wedding photographer to appreciate just why so many people choose destinations like this for their big day – which combine a beautiful venue with great food and a kind climate.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves amongst the mix of cultures and languages and we’re really excited about the album – it’s going to be one of our all-time favourites!

On with the images:

Castello di Montegufoni.

Silvia’s head-dress.

Just married – a lovely moment as they walked down the aisle.

Aperitivi were served in this incredible room.



During a break in the meal (there are many, many courses in Italy!) – the smokers on the courtyard balcony.

Hilarity during the speeches!

We love this image during the first dance.

That’s it for now.  Thanks to Stan & Silvia for looking after us so considerately – it was a pleasure to be with you on your wedding day. A&A x

Wedding: Tenuta di Corsignano, Siena, Tuscany, Italy

We have been lucky enough to photograph weddings at some fabulous wedding venues throughout this year, both in Italy and the UK.  Tenuta di Corsignano in Tuscany was one such venue and played host to the wedding of Justin & Susan in October.  This is a wonderful wedding venue for a wedding of up to about 50 guests – it’s got a real cozy, intimate feel to it and the food was outstanding.  Andy and I stood watching the chefs in awe as they tossed the ravioli in sight of all the guests.  It’s about a 10 – 15 minute drive to the centre of Siena and gives the option of marrying, as Justin & Susan did, in the stunning Siena Town Hall ( a wedding photographers’ dream).  Tenuta di Corsignano also runs wine and olive oil tasting and cooking classes – some of the wedding guests went along and had a couple of fabulous days learning about the real Tuscany.  If you want to see more of Siena Town Hall and Tenuta di Corsignano we have uploaded Justin & Susan’s entire wedding album.  Click here to see it. Let us know what you think. -Amy

Wedding photographer: Siena Town Hall & Fattoria di Corsignano, Tuscany, Italy: Justin & Susan

Andy & Amy were the Wedding photographers at Siena Town Hall & Fattoria di Corsignano, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Justin & Susan.
Siena Town Hall – in the middle of our favourite town in Tuscany, was the setting for Justin & Susan’s wedding on Thursday. Although both Australian, they live in London and Justin had made the journey out to Tuscany in their car via the Oktoberfest in Munich. Susan arrived more conventionally by airline and their party week at Fattoria di Corsignano was well and truly underway by the day of the wedding!

In Australia, it’s quite common for the bridal party to disappear with the photographer(s) for a while and their day was no exception: they’d planned a walk through Siena to a well-known coffee bar and we also stopped for some shots in the Tuscany countryside on the drive back to Fattoria di Corsignano, where they re-joined their families & friends.

Justin’s brother & sister had their weddings photographed by an amazing & extremely well-known Australian photographer – someone we know – fortunately, we didn’t know this until later on that evening. No pressure then! :)

Here’s an idea of what we’ve taken:

The happy Groom.

…and with Mum & Dad at the Fattoria di Corsignano.

We think it’s impossible to take a bad photograph of Susan.

The guys just outside one of the entrances to Siena.

Susan just around the corner from the Comune (Town Hall).

The grand entrance into the wedding room of Siena Town Hall. It’s difficult to see on this web-sized version but I love her expression. Also note the guest who is photographing Justin’s reaction – so few people ever think to watch the groom’s face at this point and it’s always one of the highlights. Also, Amy & I are ever-conscious to stay out of each others’ photographs but I’ve not quite managed here it (back right.)

Doesn’t Susan have the best laugh ever?!

Fast forward to a hilarious moment in Nannini’s coffee bar, Siena.

Across Siena’s famous ‘Campo’ on our way back to the car.

There was a beautiful sunset although it lasted a matter of minutes. We quickly set-up an off-camera flash and captured this – just as you see it now – seconds before the colour had gone completely.

We got home at 2am having seen 3 wild boar, a porcupine, a deer & an owl within 10 minutes of leaving the wedding! What a wonderful day & an absolute pleasure to photograph. Safe drive home folks – speak to you soon! – Andy

Wedding photographer: Tenuta di Lupinari, Tuscany, Italy: Richard & Rachel

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Tenuta di Lupinari, Tuscany, Italy for the wedding of Richard & Rachel.

Firstly, if you’re Eugene & Mercedes – we’re received your email but our replies all bounce regardless of which server we send them from. Give us a call!

We’re back home again after another two Italy weddings. Firstly, on Thursday we were in Tuscany to photograph Richard & Rachel’s beautiful weddding at Lupinari. It’s a stunning castle complete with separate apartments which housed most of the wedding guests for the week. The ceremony was on the lawn in front of the castle overlooking the Tuscan countryside and after drinks & ‘nibbles’ (mainly incredible cheeses) on the terrace, the guests moved up to a different location where a marquee had been set up for the evening meal.

Another highlight was our great friend Marco Marconi who played some mesmerizing piano pieces during the meal (including his own composition – The Day Before.) Then together with his wife Sally Ann & his jazz band, they entertained until late.

Without further ado, here are some images:

Rich takes a pretty good photograph eh?!!

The lovely Rachel. Rachel gave Amy enough time to create some beautiful images with her & her Bridesmaids. It’s always a favourite time of ours and this is just one of many lovely images they’ll have for their album.

A surprise present for the ladies, shortly before walking down the aisle.

The beautiful location for the ceremony complete with the castle in the background. We shoot a lot into sun – looking for the wonderful lens flare effects as seen here.

In case you’re wondering, this was taken through the back of a chair! A lovely moment.

Golden sunlight & Cypress trees combine to bring Italy into this image of the bridal party.

We walked a short distance to some old buildings for a few ‘different’ images. Here’s the happy couple walking the white road between the vineyards on the way.

Cool shoes!

Richard learned to play the guitar (secretly) so he could play & sing a song for Rachel just before dinner was served. This is pure concentration :) He also played a couple of tracks with friends – again secretly rehearsed and a complete surprise.

Rachel’s reaction – laughing, crying, love, amazement – all in one image!

And I have to include a shot of Marco at the piano. When you have a minute, go to our ‘complete wedding’ and select ‘run slideshow.’ Even if you don’t look at the images, listen to him playing his heart out in a ‘one take’ recording of his own composition – The Day Before. Now imagine him playing it live at your wedding :)

That’s it for now. Check back in a couple of days for some images from Simon & Victoria’s wedding at Stresa, Lake Maggiore.