Brides in Louboutins in Photographs

Found in 12 eponymous boutiques, 46 countries and pretty much every world-famous department store around the world: Christian Louboutins. So often the bride’s choice, the ultra-glamorous scarlet-soled shoes can be easily integrated into your wedding photographs in a really cool way.

Aren’t they fab!

Christian Louboutins

Alisa wore Louboutins for her wedding in Rome. This wasn’t just any old wedding in Rome, oh no, Gareth & Alisa hired the suite and terrace in The Hassler Hotel at the top of Spanish Steps for their reception. In fact, a certain Mr & Mrs T Cruise had hired the very same suite for the lead-up to their wedding! With all that walking up and down the Spanish Steps i.e. flashing of the soles, Louboutins were a great choice!

I love this shot of Alisa showing off her shoes. This fabulous room is the lobby of the Grand Hotel Plaza in central Rome. You have to see it to believe it.

Wedding in Rome

Then there’s showing the Louboutin soles off in a slightly less subtle way! Richard & Rachel got married at Tenuta di Lupinari in Tuscany – a gorgeous day, a gorgeous couple and now great friends of ours too :-)

Wedding in Tuscany

How it is even possible to walk in 5inch + heels is beyond me however, apparently, everyone who wears them tells me that Louboutins are in fact very comfortable. So go for it – give me the challenge of getting that red sole into your wedding photographs!

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