Baby Isla

I photographed a lovely family a few weeks ago – Gareth (Daddy), Andrea (Mummy) and Baby Isla. It was a really cold day but we got wrapped up and went out into the garden for a while. Isla was so placid and chilled out that I managed to get lots of lovely images in a very short time.

Proud Mummy:

Baby Isla

Daddy got smiles in the end! Isla was happy, content and chilled out but not so keen on smiling for the camera – lol!

Baby Isla

Don’t you just want to grab those chunky cheeks and give ’em a good old squeeze!

Baby Isla

Having photographed mainly weddings for the last 6 years, I’m really starting to get into the Family Portraiture side of things. Equal to a wedding, moments in our childrens’ lives are one-offs or very short-lived and they must be captured. Only this week my daughter Chenin started blowing kisses – get the camera out quick!

I’m in the UK between the 30th of November and the 5th of December (inclusive) with some time to spare for Family Portrait sessions. I have a brochure that I can send to you that has all of my prices in it and lots of other information. The last person I sent it to cried when she read it!

Please email me. xxx

2 thoughts on “Baby Isla”

  1. Hi Amy,

    These are fantastic. Its been ages since we have had a family portrait done. Unfortunately we are busy the dates you are over but if you send me a brochure maybe we could book at some point next year when you are over?
    Love to Andy and Chenin,


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