Image selection & a few out-takes.

We’re often asked about our editing. In reality, it’s quite simple: Some images are deleted the moment after they’re taken – for the simple reason that they clearly didn’t work – perhaps someone walked in front of the camera just as the shutter was pressed for example. Otherwise, we download them all and then run through them in iView Media Pro taking out everything that was out of focus (ahem!), poorly exposed, or those where people had strange expressions, eyes closed etc. Additionally we take many duplicates of the formal images – why? Allowing for ‘eyes closed! As an example: for one of Ben & Stacey’s family photographs, I took 8 shots. On 7 of them at least one person had their eyes shut – how can that happen? :) Fortunately (and quite unusually) I’d taken 8 and we got lucky with 1!! Generally, there’s no excuse not to play safe in this respect with digital cameras as it doesn’t cost to press that shutter – although you have to draw the line somewhere. You can’t check each one as you take it either – as to do so would be too time-consuming for guests who just want to escape from you back to their socialising – and quite right too!

Once we have what’s left, we loosely design the album – concentrating on storyline. Some images don’t fit the album story and they go into a separate pot for the couple to see later; an example would be when a couple of guests ask us to take a photograph of themselves. Eventually, we present all of the images to the couple as our recommended album images and the pot of ‘extras’. They then have the choice of removing anything they don’t like the look of and if they particularly want to include something from the ‘extras’ selection we can discuss how best to make it fit.

Here’s a couple of extras as an example:

Occasionally we take an image of each other when we’re working – more for amusement purposes than anything :) Do you know how long that confetti took to extract?!!

Ashleigh insisting she can hold £3500 worth of camera/lens on her own (er…..!)

And we love to show what we’re getting – ‘cos we get excited :)

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