Why you need to book early!

Yes it’s only January, but we’re declaring ourselves fully-booked for 2009 weddings; we simply can’t do anymore than those we’re already booked for.  Venues routinely take bookings years in advance and I guess many couples like to book their photographers and other vendors equally early in many cases.  So, unfortunately if you were thinking of booking us this year, we’re really sorry to disappoint.  If you’re getting married in 2010 and you’re reading this, please don’t wait too long – we’re already booking at a crazy rate!

To give one example of advance booking: Louise booked us back in January 2007 for her wedding in September 2009!  We can’t wait to photograph her wedding – it’s one that we’ve talked about so often!  If you’re reading this Louise – “Hi!” & we hope you don’t mind us using you as an example :)

If you’re looking for a great photographer for 2009 & you’re having trouble finding one you like – we’d be more than happy to refer you to photographers who are true professionals and who are committed to furthering the good reputation & quality of wedding photography in Europe.

Finally, I’m sure there were some clients over the past couple of months who thought we were probably bluffing when we said  “please don’t wait long – we’re almost booked up!”  It’s nice to be able to write this to reassure them that we were telling the truth :) – Andy

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