Wedding Photographer: Sarzana, Province of La Spezia, Liguria: Alex & Katherine

Amy was the wedding photographer in Sarzana, Liguria, Italy for Alex & Katherine’s wedding.

North of Pisa and Lucca, Tuscany meets Liguria and towns such as Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, la Spezia and the famous Cinque Terre are situated along the coast. Nestled in amongst these is Sarzana; the location for the wedding of Alex & Katherine. My jaw dropped when I entered the cathedral. Simply ‘WOW.’ Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral is in central Sarzana and unbeknown to Alex and Katherine, the 24th of September was not only their wedding day but also Sarzana’s celebration of Napoleon. Armies marched through the city firing canons as they went. The noise was unbelievable and Katherine waited outside church until the main part of the procession had passed – otherwise, nobody would have been able to hear a word the priest was saying!

After the beautiful ceremony the Bride & Groom and I travelled a short distance to a wonderful home of a family friend to take some photographs before we joined the rest of the guests at the Antico Casale Sarzana. The display of food was second-to-none and the room was alive with fun, games and laughter. Take a look:

Napoleon’s Army took to the streets of Sarzana and made a LOT of noise as they went.

Sarzana, Liguria

What a handsome groom!


I love this photograph of Katherine arriving at church. Look at the smoke from the firing canons in the background.

Bride Arrives at Church

Katherine wore her Mother’s wedding dress. Such amazing lace detail and the most gorgeous veil.

Bride Detail

A lovely moment as Katherine made it to the end of the long aisle.


Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral: so impressive.




One of my favourite ‘lob the rice’ shots ever!


This only shows a bit of it, but the car that Alex & Katherine travelled in was fab – very old and covered in flowers.

Bride & Groom

Another wee snippet of the car!

Bride & Groom

How’s this for a garden?!

Bride & Groom


Bride & Groom

Taken inside Alex’s family friend’s home. Isn’t it just incredible?

Bride & Groom

To the reception and some wonderful table detail.

Table Detail

Such a great atmosphere.

Wedding Reception: Antico Casale Sarzana

Alex & Katherine are based in Shanghai. Chinese tradition had guests shouting for as long and loud as they could before drinking the contents of their glass in one. I absolutely love this shot.

Wedding Reception: Antico Casale Sarzana

The neighbouring table’s response!

Wedding Reception: Antico Casale Sarzana


First Dance

What a memorable and fun day. Alex & Katherine made my life so easy! Really, I think it’s impossible to take a bad photo of either of them! Thanks too for the lovely gift :-)

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