Wedding Photographer: Castello di Montegridolfo, Emilia Romagna, Italy: Kerry & Vanessa

Amy was the Wedding Photographer at Castello di Montegridolfo, Emilia Romagna, Italy for the wedding of Kerry & Vanessa.

Having photographed a wedding at Castello di Montegridolfo previously and therefore knowing what a fantastic place it is, I was really looking forward to going back there for the spectacular wedding of Kerry & Vanessa on Tuesday the 13th of July. When I arrived, Vanessa was having her hair and make-up done wearing traditional red pyjamas (having had to sleep in them) whilst Kerry and the boys were all ready to go and were doing their best to stay cool – the temperatures already soaring into the high 30s.

Kerry and Vanessa’s attention to detail was second-to-none as they treated their guests to not one but two ‘aperitivi,’ a photo montage of their childhoods and blossoming relationship, a same-day edit from the wonderful videographers (who had flown in from Hong Kong) and a brilliantly-choreographed first dance.

The 10-course wedding breakfast had to be seen (even better tasted!) to be believed and the surprise fireworks were magnificent. What a day!

Lovely bouquet (dress in the background)
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bouquet

Kerry & best-man
Wedding Photographer Italy - Groom & Best Man

Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Bridesmaids

Vanessa, her proud Dad and the Bridesmaids walk the narrow main street of Montegridolfo.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride, Father of the Bride & Bridesmaids

Just married!
Wedding Photographer Italy - Confetti

Photo time :)
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom

I had to post this one. The carved watermelons are always good but these are incredibly good!
Wedding Photographer Italy - Aperitivo

I love how in Italy you’ll often find characters amongst the staff. This guy kept everyone entertained for ages – throwing glasses & bottles whilst making cocktails.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Barman during aperitivo

A hug for the winner of the ‘catch the boquet’ competition!
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Bridesmaid

The presentation of old photos of Kerry & Vanessa was hilarious.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Guests

Arriving for dinner.
Wedding Photographer Italy - Bride & Groom

Wow – absolutely loved my day. I know just how much hard work went in to organizing this wedding and I’m sure Kerry & Vanessa will feel that it was worth every last bit of effort. All the best folks – I’ll be in touch sometime soon.

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  1. Some fabulous photos with beaming smiles all round. Cannot wait to see the full collection – please let ethere be a few funny ones too ;P

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