Wedding Photographer: Lake Orta: Andrew & Stephanie

Amy was the wedding photographer at Lake Orta, Italy for Andrew & Stephanie’s wedding.

Whilst Andy made his way across Europe in our car, I travelled up from Umbria and we met in Milan. After both travelling for upwards of 8 hours, we arrived within 5 minutes of each other! We were both very much looking forward to going to Lake Orta as neither of us had visited before.

Tucked in to the west of Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta is a beautiful, very tranquil Lake with lovely views and very posh villas! Andrew & Stephanie had chosen to marry there since, whilst they are both British, they are currently living in Zurich, Switzerland with their 3 gorgeous children, Isabella, Jake and Lexi. Not too long a journey for them all.

Stephanie arrived to get married in a rowing boat. Then, after the ceremony, we took the boat over to St Julius Island for some family photographs. On return to the San Rocco hotel for aperitivi and a few group shots, we all jumped into another boat to get to the restaurant for the reception, the Ustaria Ca’ del Rat.

Stephanie is incredibly creative and had designed some wonderful decorations; the restaurant looked stunning. Her handmade table plan was gorgeous and I Ioved the ‘photo booth’ too. Take a look below:

Lexi’s shoes – so cute.

Bridesmaid's Shoes

Stephanie is zipped into her dress.

Bride Preparing

Handsome groom.


Stephanie arrives in style!

Bride arriving

The procession was lovely. The 2 page boys went off onto the grass whilst 5 year-old Isabella forgot to scatter her petals and then emptied them out of the basket all at once :-)


Little Lexi sat on Stephanie’s knee throughout the ceremony.

Flower Girl

A lovely shot of the family taken on St Julius Island.

Bride, Groom & Children

Walking around St Julius Island, Lake Orta.

Bride, Groom & Children

A sneaky moment alone …

Bride & Groom

… so I made the most of it!

Bride & Groom

Bless ’em!

Flower Girls

The kids had lots of fun and no-one fell into the Lake, surprisingly!

Little Guests

Little page boy.

Page boy

St Julius Island taken from the boat as we passed by on the way to Ustaria Ca’ del Rat, the reception venue.

Lake Orta

Isn’t this lovely? ‘Catch your butterfly to find your table.’

Table Plan

Stephanie’s ‘photo booth.’ Clever girl.

Photo Booth

A unique day in a unique place. What a wonderful day. I’ll be in touch later today guys with the access details to the rest of your images. Amy x

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