Wedding photographer: La Badia, Orvieto, Umbria, Italy: Paddy & Annabel

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at La Badia, Orvieto, Umbria, Italy for the wedding of Paddy & Annabel.

Our busiest period of this year will probably be that which has just ended. But how many photographers can have been as privileged as us to have worked at so many incredible venues in such a short space of time?!

It was quite a coincidence that one year after our own wedding in Orvieto, we were back in that very town for Paddy & Annabel’s wedding at La Badia. This Abbey, originally constructed in the 6th Century, is a beautiful wedding venue and one which we’ve often looked over towards from Orvieto. The weather wasn’t particularly kind in the period before the ceremony with some particularly heavy rain, but in true romantic fashion, the clouds cleared and the sun came out before everyone left the chapel. Actually, since I was outside at the time watching (& photographing!) the ceremony from a different view point, I can testify that the sun appeared for the first time, within seconds of Paddy & Annabel being pronounced “husband & wife.”

So, we’ve got a lot of great images – mostly photojournalistic this time, to share.

La Badia. It was raining steadily when I took this from the middle of the main road on our way to La Badia from Orvieto – a more dangerous photograph than you may imagine.

The inside of the chapel; very simple, elegant & a beautifully soft light courtesy of the overcast skies.

A lovely capture of the young flower-girl in particular.

Although we often prefer photojournalistic images in black & white, the colours here are wonderful. I’m not certain this is telling us just how heavy the rain was however!!

Annabel just after leaving her room in the long upstairs corridor.

Annabel & her Uncle exit the doors for the short walk across the courtyard to the chapel.

Fast-forward to a lovely moment during the ceremony.

The car was a surprise for Annabel after leaving the chapel and it enabled the happy couple to enjoy a few moments completely alone before returning for drinks (…and photographs!) I was particularly pleased to have squeezed the Italian numberplate into this image.

Whilst the band played (they’d setup inside since the weather wasn’t predictable), the guests were able to listen and enjoy their drinks & canapes outside in the courtyard.

Another jump on towards the end of the evening. You may have needed to have been there to appreciate this image, but to explain: it’s a hundred or so guests outside, under the arches of the Abbey, reeling; they had so much fun, they didn’t want to stop. I can also spot Amy (who, due to being short) is standing on a table in the background next to a video-light.

Once more, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves – thank you to Paddy & Annabel and their friends & families for making us feel so welcome (and to the kind lady who insisted I have some wedding cake :) ) – Andy

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