Wedding Photographer: Ischia, Punta Molino Hotel: James & Nina

Amy was the wedding photographer in Ischia, nr Naples, Italy for James & Nina’s wedding.

So then, from the Amalfi Coast, we travelled to the beautiful Island of Ischia, just off Naples for the wedding of friends of two of our best friends. I hadn’t been to Ischia before and was in for a treat. A couple of days off between weddings allowed me to explore the Island a little and I soon realised that I would definitely be returning for a holiday. It reminded me of Hawaii!

The 17th of June was an exceptionally hot and bright day which made lighting conditions quite tricky for a while but once the sun had begun to drop, that incredible pink light made a lengthy appearance and I was a very happy camper. Nina’s infectious laugh made for some great captures and there was a real party atmosphere.

James, his Best Man & Ushers ‘chilling!’

Groom & Ushers

James and his Best Man, his brother Matthew.

Groom & Best Man

Beautiful Nina.


This shot caught my attention. An usher is handing out the ‘order of service’ in the church doorway.


Nina’s arrival and a beautiful church interior.


Just married!

Bride & Groom

A busker playing for Nina & James in the square where drinks were served after the ceremony.

Bride & Groom

Bridal Party.

Bridal Party

Nina and her family have been going to the Punta Molino Hotel on holiday since Nina was a young girl and this spot, with the view of Castello Aragonese in the background, is really special to them.

Bride & Groom & Family

Nina & James are welcomed into a beautiful area of the hotel where aperitivi and speeches took place.

Bride & Groom

Yum Yum! Spot my fab friend Adele in the green dress. A guest at my wedding in 07 :-)


James’s Mum, pictured here in the centre of the shot, laughed and cried throughout the emotional speeches.


The wonderful evening light hits Castello Aragonese. Stunning.

Castello Aragonese, Ischia

Just about to enter for dinner.

Bride & Groom

I love my job more and more every day! I get to visit incredible places that perhaps I would never have got to otherwise. Thank you so much to James & Nina for introducing me to beautiful Ishcia. I’ll be back!

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