Wedding photographer: Cadenabbia & Lido di Lenno, Lake Como, Italy: Rick & Lucy

Andy & Amy were the wedding photographers at Cadenabbia & Lido di Lenno, Lake Como, Italy for the wedding of Rick & Lucy.

A beautiful hot day greeted us in Lake Como for Rick & Lucy’s wedding on the 31st August.  They were married in the stunning Church of the Ascension at Cadenabbia and then we all hopped onto boats (some a fair bit faster than others!) to their reception venue at the Lido di Lenno.  It’s a tough life being a wedding photographer sometimes eh?

Here are some of the highlights:

If you’re looking for an intimate reception venue – seriously consider this place.  It’s stunning – and a little bit different ;)

Wedding photographers Italy - Lido di Lenno

For some reason, ties are often a drama for the guys – certainly to get them all looking the same ;)

Wedding photographers Italy - Groom & Groomsmen

A hint of the beautiful dress

Wedding photographers Italy - Dress

Lucy’s parents have an amazing apartment.  Check out the view from the balcony!

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride

The girls outside the Church.  I took this whilst we were all waiting for Lucy to arrive.

Wedding photographers Italy - Bridesmaids

Just married

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride & Groom leaving church

Lucy’s grandmother had a fantastic time!  She stole the show later on the dancefloor :)

Wedding photographers Italy - Wedding Guests

Amy took this whilst travelling at some speed over the wake of other boats (I’m on the one in the background with half of the guests).  Trying to stay standing, travelling into full, bright sun makes it a difficult shot to pull off.  I think she had a few attempts at it, got this one and then had to sit down!  Italians drive boats like they drive cars :)

Wedding photographers Italy - Bride & Groom

When we have the opportunity, we love to do something different with the wedding party.  Before everyone asks us to do this, consider that we need the right balance of guys/girls, a decent location with space and great light and a little bit of time.  Finally, everyone has to be willing!  We love how this one turned out  :)

Wedding photographers Italy - Wedding Party

As I said earlier, it’s a great venue with lots of interesting spaces!

Wedding photographers UK - Bride & Groom

Thanks everyone for being so hospitable and kind on the day – it makes our job a genuine pleasure.  We’ll be back with the next wedding which was in the UK shortly afterwards:  stand by Andrew & Fiona :) – Andy

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