Wedding photographer: Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite & Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, Rome, Italy: Pete & Pauline

Amy was the Wedding Photographer at Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite & Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, Rome, Italy for the wedding of Pete & Pauline.

Pete & Pauline were married in central Rome on Thursday the 15th April. The weather was perfect, warm but not too warm, and Rome was its usual frantic, chaotic, busy and totally stunning self. Pauline and her five bridesmaids got ready in a gorgeous apartment close to St Peter’s in The Vatican. They were ready in good time which allowed half an hour of photographs in the square, Piazza San Pietro. The stunning Basilica di San Silvestro in Capite in a piazza between the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain played host to the wedding ceremony and its courtyard was a good place for the group shots. Whilst the guests were taken to the Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, the bride and groom and a very helpful bridesmaid, Helen, came with me to the Spanish Steps for photographs. Total chaos made for a fabulous background and the couple took on celebrity status for half an hour!

The Colosseum made for a perfect background for a group shot of all of the guests before we all headed back to the Hotel Palazzo Manfredi where the terrace was laid out beautifully for the evening reception and a wonderful meal. The view from the terrace was truly breath-taking, I’m sure you’ll agree …

Pete & Pauline have been together for over 10 years and this was the first time that he had ever seen her wearing a dress. Doesn’t she look stunning?


Five fun bridesmaids! The light in and around the columns that surround St Peter’s Basilica was lovely and soft:

Bride and Bridesmaids

Pauline’s brother Robbie gave her away and did a lovely heartfelt speech in the evening:

Bride and Brother

The handsome groom:


A photograph to Wow. This was taken at the end of the ceremony after Pete & Pauline had signed the register and some of the guests came up on to the altar to take their photographs. I LOVE it:


Near to the Spanish Steps, I certainly wasn’t the only one who took this shot. A crowd of about 50 tourists had gathered behind me!

Bride and Groom

Lovers of architecture, The Colosseum makes for an interesting background:

Bride and Groom

What a position for a very special evening:


As the sun set, I took some time out to do some long exposures. Great result:

The Colosseum

Pete & Pauline, I can’t thank you enough for looking after me the way that you did and for making my job so much fun. The meal was beautiful, the setting was exceptional and the company on the top-table was … Jamie. Only joking! I loved every minute of it, a day I will never forget. – Amy.

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  1. Dearest Amy, we can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful and welcome guest at our wedding. You were fun, easy going in the face of my mania and so unobtrusive – I had to keep looking around to find you!! We are so honoured that it was you taking our pictures, you absolutely made our day and we can’t wait to see the rest of the photographs. I adore what I have seen so far especially the photo of me and Robbie – you got him to smile and that shot of the Colosseum, WOW!! Thank you for taking time from your beautiful family to spend our special day with us. Lots of love, Paul & Pete

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