We bought a field (& house!)

After months & months of waiting, we have finally completed on our house purchase in Umbria. The house is a complete renovation project but the location it’s in is absolutely amazing. We also own the 10 acres of hillside around it so I guess we won’t be having anyone build on our doorstep in future either :) Here’s a quick snap taken from the hillside above ours looking across to our property. The redline marks the boundary of the land although I’ve guessed where the line is dotted as the boundary is hidden beneath trees. You can’t see the final third of the field – it stretches out to the far red line – but slopes away from the camera which is why it’s hidden (if that makes sense!) The house is under a big arrow surrounded by overgrown trees & bushes. I’ve linked the image below to a slightly bigger one if you want a closer look.

Bed for us now – it’s Ronan & Yue Mei’s wedding tomorrow near Siena – it’s gonna be VERY warm!


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