The importance of a portrait

Whilst visiting my Grandfather recently, I photographed a portrait of him. I’ve done it a few times previously and I think he’s a great subject. Initially, he was a little grumpy about the whole idea: “I don’t know why you want a photograph of me!” etc. I looked around the room and my eyes fell on an old photograph taken many years ago of my Grandmother. It’s always been there for as long as I can remember it and it’s now some years since she passed away. I picked it up & said “how important is this photograph to you?” “well, it’s extremely important” he said, “I remember when it was taken like it was yesterday.” “OK” I responded, “so why is it so difficult to understand why I should want a portrait of you?” Game, set & match :)

So, remember to photograph or have photographs taken of your relatives. Not just your children – everyone! Don’t be awkward when your relatives want photographs of you either!

We’re planning a two-week portrait special during November. We have a few clients already who have been asking us to do it so we’ve found the time whilst in the UK to do it justice. If you’re interested and live somewhere in the North-West of England, now’s your chance to book one of just 10 exclusive sessions. Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll chat through the options.

Here’s ‘Grandpop’ aged (almost) 94. He didn’t need to do anything for this other than sit in an armchair and follow some simple instructions. It’s a photograph I already treasure & it looks absolutely stunning in print. You really don’t have to drag people out to studios to get ‘real’ portraits – Andy

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